Sanjay Mittal

Sanjay Mithal

  • Designation: CEO and Managing Partner
  • Organisation: Sankhya Ventures

Sanjay Mithal is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in banking and various financial products. He is currently the CEO and Managing Partner of Sankhya Ventures, which helps CEOs and CFOs to tackle complex management problems. Sankhya is also involved in investment advisory focused on providing funding solutions to Indian SMEs.

Sanjay has a deep understanding of the financial markets and the regulatory landscape. He has held the position of Managing Director and Chief Product Risk officer at Citibank. He was also Managing Director at Old Lane; a New York based hedge fund co-founded by former Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit.

Sanjay has deep expertise in alternative investment products and risk management. As a mentor, Sanjay brings his breadth of experience of leading teams in multiple geographies. He can offer valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate complex business challenges, build effective teams, manage risk and foster innovation.

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