Kartikey Trivedi

  • Designation: Group Head, Compliance
  • Organisation: Axis Bank
  • Area of Expertise: Compliance

Kartikey Trivedi is a seasoned compliance risk professional with a wealth of expertise across various sectors, including global banking, financial institutions, corporate finance, exchange control, commercial banking, stressed assets, and retail banking. With a robust background in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, Kartikey has honed his skills in compliance risk management to ensure adherence to stringent regulations.

Throughout his career, Kartikey has occupied leadership roles at large organisations such as Axis Bank, DBS, and Standard Chartered. In these roles, Kartikey has overseen compliance functions with a sharp emphasis on compliance advisory and governance, including compliance testing and inspection management.

As a mentor at FinNovate, Kartikey brings his extensive experience and insights to guide and empower aspiring start-ups in the field of compliance risk management. His mentorship would offer practical advice, strategic direction, and invaluable wisdom gleaned from years of hands-on experience in the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance.

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