Ladies in Family Enterprise (LiFE) programme is an enriching short-term management programme for women from business families offered by the SPJIMR Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship. It addresses the needs of women in business families, with/without ownership, with little or no role in the business currently. They can be related to the owner/s either as wives, daughters-in-law, mothers or daughters.

Programme goal

LiFE seeks to build a basic understanding of business and family and the inter-relationship between the two. It helps the woman from the business family explore her own role in the family business and diversify or start a new entrepreneurial venture supported by her family and networks.

90 percent of businesses in India are family businesses. Women from business families play a silent role and constitute silent assets which are yet untapped. LiFE seeks to realise those hidden gems among business families by providing structured learning about business and its various dimensions. The end goal of the programme is to build the knowledge and skills needed to run a business and also to build confidence and empower women in family businesses who have never taken initiatives pertaining to their business.

Why LiFE

  • It is a women’s leadership programme, giving them an opportunity to network, interact and be a part of the SPJIMR Family Business & Entrepreneurship alumni community.
  • Sessions conducted by academicians with rich experience, functional industry experts, and Family Managed Business Programme alumni.
  • Flexible programme structure can be pursued alongside daily routine.
  • Get awarded with a successful programme completion certificate from a top B-school of India.

Leadership speak

Watch the video to gain in-depth insights about the programme from our Executive Director, Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar.

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