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There are over 2 million journal articles published in around 30,000 academic journals every year. But data shows that, on an average, only about 10 people will read a peer-reviewed paper completely. A lot of the insights, derived from these cutting-edge research papers, never reach the audience they can benefit from, and Management Practice Insights (MPI) is an attempt to bridge this gap.

MPI is an open-access journal that seeks to provide actionable, evidence-based insights to managers and business leaders worldwide. The aim of MPI is to publish articles, inspired by recent, top-tier academic research, which highlight how these academic insights have practical implications for managers.

Every article in this journal puts the spotlight on a current managerial challenge and provides insights on how managers can approach the issue by citing real-world success stories and cautionary tales. The articles aim to translate the academic-speak into bare-bones insights which can be used by managers.

Be it finance, innovation, operations management, strategy, marketing, business analytics or information systems or any other field, MPI aims to provide insights that can help managers across verticals create better workflows. We welcome essays that have practical relevance and the potential to influence management practice.

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Messages from MPI Editorial Board

Current Edition

Volume 2 Issue 1

Essay 1

Browse, read, shop, share: Social commerce and how to tap it

Debmallya Chatterjee Amol S Dhaigude

As consumers are increasingly browsing and buying through social media, also known as social commerce, this presents a challenge for e-marketers.

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Debt and duration: Why you should rethink your mix of short-term debt

Sapna Malya Hemant Manuj

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Essay 4
Find the right ears: Craft your idea’s destiny through targeted communication

Caruna Bhat

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Essay 7
How platform ecosystems can turbocharge your company’s strategy to address societal challenges

Snehal Shah Bikramjit Ray Chaudhuri

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Essay 5
New social connect: Engaging with the virtual and augmented world

Saikat Das

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Essay 3
Partnerships and resourcefulness: A venture’s ultimate growth hack

Ashneet Kaur Sudhanshu Maheshwari

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Essay 6
Simplicity is complex: When simplicity works and when it doesn’t

Janakiraman Moorthy Ashita Aggarwal

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Volume 1 Issue 2

Aha! That’s creative!”: How to design upcycled products with greater appeal

Sukriti Sekhri Gupta

The upcycling paradox is that while most customers like to lead a more sustainable life, they often view upcycled products with suspicion. To resolve this paradox, a novel mechanism can bring about a positive ‘Aha!’ moment for consumers, and increase the appeal of upcycled products

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Automate empathy: Five steps to turn online customer rage into rave

R. Raghuram Janakiraman Moorthy

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Design capability: How to integrate it for competitive advantage

Bindu Kulkarni Renuka Kamath

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From inclusivity to innovation – A journey of leadership and culture

Mihir Ajgaonkar Tanvi Mankodi

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More than CSR: Organisations must practice responsible innovation

Varun Nagaraj

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Supply chain transparency: A shield for your brand

Amol Subhash Dhaigude

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Turbo-charging innovation in state-run enterprises: Finding the right change makers

Tulsi Jayakumar

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Volume 1 Issue 1

Don’t wait for a crisis: Rotate your auditors

Don’t wait for a crisis: Rotate your auditors

Vinay Goyal

Have you ever wondered what skeletons are hiding in your organization’s closet? Is there a flaw in your incentive structure that encourages employees to hide risks instead of raising them? Have you been with the same auditor, or simply swapping two auditors with similar approaches, for many years now?

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From dry promotions to burnouts: Time to rethink performance rewards system

Tanvi Mankodi

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From no to go: How to say yes to disruptive ideas

Malay Krishna

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From no to go: How to say yes to disruptive ideas
The future of IT outsourcing: The role of learning efficiency in vendor selection

Jyoti Jagasia Aditi Divatia

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Virtual Reality: A game changer in accurately predicting sales for new product launches

Janakiraman Moorthy

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