SPJIMR Societal Impact: Making a lasting difference one step at a time

Since its inception, SPJIMR has pioneered several unique initiatives that have established its reputation as a world leader in creating positive societal impact. These initiatives deeply integrate the SPJIMR community of participants, faculty, and professional staff with our local K-Ward community, with grassroots NGOs across the Indian subcontinent, and the emerging community of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating positive societal impact.

SPJIMR’s societal impact initiatives have been recognised globally. The Positive Impact Ratings (PIR) has named SPJIMR a ‘pioneering school’ for social impact and sustainability achievements every year since 2021. The United Nations Global Compact Network India awarded SPJIMR with the prestigious Innovative Practices Award in 2018 for its societal initiatives. AACSB recognised the institute as one of the top 30 innovative B-schools through its ‘Innovations that Inspire’ initiative in 2016 and 2017. SPJIMR is also the founding chair of UNPRME’s India chapter and a strong proponent of the role of SDGs in guiding business education.

As part of SPJIMR’s commitment to creating societal impact, we invited leading education reformer Sonam Wangchuk to join our Governing Council in 2022. This video presents his inspirational keynote address on the importance and role of innovation and technology in the social sector at SPJIMR’s business academia conference.

Learn more about his work:

Approach to societal impact:

Explore SPJIMR’s approach to creating a positive and sustainable societal impact with our Dean, Varun Nagaraj. In this video, he highlights the various ways SPJIMR makes a difference, including engaging with large-scale communities such as non-profits, the development sector, FinTech and finance professionals, and entrepreneurs to improve practices and build capacity. Additionally, SPJIMR focuses on creating socially conscious leaders, focusing on research that is relevant to society, and extending its impact internationally by chairing the UN PRME India Chapter and welcoming international universities and students to participate in our immersive social programmes.

During her visit to Mumbai, Dr. Stephanie Bryant, the Executive Vice President and Global Chief Accreditation Officer of AACSB, noted that SPJIMR’s approach to societal impact goes beyond mere good actions and is intricately linked to the institute’s strategic vision. She emphasised that this alignment resonates deeply with AACSB’s vision to connect business schools, industry, non-profits and government to drive positive societal change in the world. Watch the video to know more.

Our current societal impact initiatives are focused on:

  • Empowering the underprivileged segment of our local community

  • Engaging the social sector at the grassroots level

  • Building managerial capacity in the social sector

  • Accelerating the start-up ecosystem

  • Recognising social impact

  • Creating socially sensitive managers

  • Focussing on research that contributes towards societal impact

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