Building social sensitivity and sensibility

Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC) is a novel initiative pioneered by SPJIMR more than 30 years ago, rooted in the belief that ‘Civil society is a learning mechanism’. As a mandatory component of the management curriculum, DoCC fosters in the participants a sensitivity to and a sensibility about various societal issues. DoCC offers participants immersive social internships across India and South Asia to engage with grassroots communities and organisations. This allows the participants to reflect on and apply their management learnings to unstructured environments.

In addition, with its purpose to address sustainability, futures, and community, DoCC hosts several events and outreach activities throughout the year. It connects the development sector, corporate world and civil society to engage in meaningful conversations where each group understands the diverse world of the other and initiates beneficial collaborations. SPJIMR’s industry partners unanimously recognise DoCC as an essential component of its management pedagogy, which shapes socially sensitive leaders who can drive innovations that benefit both business and society.

Learn more about how DoCC contributes to help SPJIMR achieve the UN SDGs:

Objectives & Outcomes

  • Develop sensitivity amongst students to rural India, its heterogeneity, pluralism, and sociology of rural poverty
  • Expose students to hardships and adversities of the under-privileged
  • Understand organisations as a system, their logic, and their importance in the Indian context
  • Develop the ability to work in an unstructured environment of the organisation and amongst the underprivileged.
  • Develop an ability to interact and communicate with marginalised and vulnerable groups in society
  • To recognise the universality of management principles and apply them to the relatively unstructured social sector
  • To be able to identify and define problems appropriately and recommend implementable solutions

Awards & Accolades

  • Positive Impact Rating 2023 Award- ‘Pioneering School’
  • Positive Impact Rating 2022 Award- ‘Pioneering School’
  • Positive Impact Rating 2021 Award – ‘Pioneering School’
  • FICCI- 2019, New Delhi ‘Excellence in institutional social responsibility’
  • United Nations Global compact – 2018, Bangalore Award-‘Innovative Practices Award -2018’
  • ISB Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC)-2009, California, US Award- Winners – Represented Asia at the International Competition
  • IMCI Best Summer Project Competition-2007, Mumbai Award- Best Summer Project
  • Rice University International Business Plan Competition- 2005, United States Award- Finalists only team from Asia
  • SIFE Competition-2005, Toronto, Canada Award- National Winners, International Finalists
  • SIFE Competition-2004, Barcelona, Spain Award- National Winners, International Finalists
  • Prerna- Best Summer Project Competition conducted by NITIE- 2001, Mumbai Award- Second Prize
  • IMCI Best Summer Project Competition-2000, Mumbai Award- First Runner-up
  • IMCI Best Summer Project Competition-1999, Mumbai Award- First Runner-up
  • Best Summer Project Competition conducted by NITIE- 1999, Mumbai Award- Best General Management Project
  • Best Summer project competition conducted by NITIE – 1998, Mumbai Award- Best General Management Project
  • IMCI Best Summer Project Competition – 1997, Mumbai Award – Best Summer Project
  • Best Summer Project Competition conducted by NITIE – 1996, Mumbai Award- Best Summer Project
  • IMCI Best Summer Project Competition – 1996, Mumbai Award- Best Summer Project


  • SPJIMR hosts Pan India Symposiums 2023: Uniting Visionaries in Responsible Leadership and Community Development

    S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), as the academic partner, hosted the Pan India Symposiums 2023 in collaboration with HCLTech India Grant and CSRBOX to foster responsible leadership and drive community development initiatives.

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  • PGDM & PGDM(BM) (Batch 2022-24) presents DoCC Projects for Evaluations

    294 PGDM & PGDM(BM) students presented their project and field experiences from their social internship (DoCC) on 28 and 29th April 2023. This year more than 140 projects were undertaken across 26 states in close to 90 organisations. The range of projects undertaken cover all 17 SDGs.

    The evaluators include experts from corporate, social sector, faculty from SPJIMR and other academic institutions, as well as SPJIMR alumni.

    SPJIMR’s Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC) is a unique non-classroom experiential learning initiative. DOCC organises social internship programmes and several activities throughout the year to align with its goal that to become the leaders of tomorrow; managers must be ready to learn and serve in places and communities where one is most needed.

  • PGDM & PGDM(BM) Batch of '24 leave for their DoCC Internships

    300 students of the two-year MBA programme embarked on their social internship for Development of Corporate citizenship (DoCC) today. Over the next month the participants will travel and work alongside 90 organizations in 26 states.

    DoCC is an SPJIMR initiative to skill participants to be sensitive to issues of equity and justice – both social and ecological.

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  • Social Impact Awards (SIA) 2024 registrations open

    SPJIMR’s DoCC organises the SIA to recognise social enterprises and organisations for their exceptional contributions to society across various categories, including Agriculture and Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Health, Nutrition, WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), and Education & Skill Development. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in SIA 2024.

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  • EHSAAS 2024 :The NGO Mela

    Explore the 2-day NGO Mela, an initiative of SPJIMR DoCC started in 2007 to provide a platform to several micro and small enterprises, profit-making social enterprises, NGOs and SHGs to promote their products. Ehsaas ’24 provides a platform for farmers, organisers and buyers to network and build synergies.

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  • Climate Literacy & Action Training

    This award-winning Climate Literacy and Action Training is aimed at those who aspire to make an impact in their professional & social environment, influencing research, teaching, and strategy whilst reducing carbon emissions and addressing multiple other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • OS/OT PDW 2023

    SPJIMR, in collaboration with globally-renowned journals, Organization Studies and Organization Theory, hosted a Paper Development Workshop (PDW) on December 8 & 9, 2023.

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  • Social Impact Awards 2023

    Social Impact Awards (SIA) is a DoCC initiative for recognising exemplary contributions made by social enterprises and social sector organisations toward society.

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  • Call for Posters

    SPJIMR hosted a poster presentation event centred around the theme, “Innovations in Pedagogy: Sharing Experiences”, parallel to the PRME India Chapter Meet on December 7, 2023. This is a great chance for individuals and/or institutions to share and engage in discourse around innovative pedagogies.

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  • PRME India Chapter Meet 2023

    PRME India Chapter Meet 2023 was held on December 7, 2023. Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) aims to transform management education and develop responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. Prof. Chandrika Parmar, Director of SPJIMR DoCC, is the current chair of the UN PRME India Chapter.

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  • United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education

    Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) is above all, a learning community of business schools committed to weaving six core principles into business and management education (

    Brainchild of then UN General Secretary, Ban ki Moon, UN PRME, was developed in 2007 by an international task force of sixty deans, university presidents and official representatives of leading business schools and academic institutions. The development of a principle-based global engagement platform for academic institutions follows from a recommendation by academic stakeholders of the UN Global Compact.

    The idea was officially introduced by the UN Global Compact at the Global Forum “Business as an Agent of World Benefit” at Case Western Reserve University in October 2006. Under the coordination of the UN Global Compact and leading academic institutions, the PRME task force developed a set of principles which lays the foundation for the global platform for responsible management.

    SPJIMR Prof. Chandrika Parmar, Director, DoCC, currently chairs the PRME India Chapter.

  • SPJIMR's DoCC hosts UNPRME Paper Development Workshop

    The PRME Paper Development Workshop was held on 3rd March 2023 between 1330 to 1730 IST. The event saw participation of over 100 institutions from around the country and more from around the world. Over 50 papers were received out of which 41 were shortlisted for publication in internationally acclaimed management journals. 20 Mentors from 17 business schools from around the world were invited to provide their feedback to the papers.

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M3M Foundation

  • DoCC partners with M3M Foundation, will award grants to 15 organisations

    SPJIMR Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC) in partnership with M3M Foundation will be awarding grants to 15 partner organisations who are effecting social impact in geographies and communities where they are working. The grants will be made to select organisations that have partnered with DoCC in internship projects.

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EDHEC Business School

SPJIMR DoCC recently signed an agreement with EDHEC Business School, France. The agreement is aligned with EDHEC’s Global Impact and Mobility programme. Participants from EDHEC will undertake social internships with existing CSOs partners of DoCC. The EDHEC visiting team included Sonia Gastaud, Head of Global Impact and Mobility Programmes; Richard Perrin, Associate Dean for International Relations; SIMARD Sophie , Head of International Development; and Nilesh Gaikwad, India Country Manager of EDHEC Business School.

Social Sector Organisations

  • Social sector organisations

    DoCC collaborates with more than 300 social sector partners across 26 states in India and also works with international agencies across Bangladesh and Nepal. These partners share and support SPJIMR’s belief that ‘Civil society is a learning mechanism’, which enriches the collaboration making these partnerships enduring. These organisations host SPJIMR participants for one to five weeks and offer them the essential support to conclude their internships successfully.

    The internship projects expose the participants to how these communities strive to mitigate various social and ecological challenges inherent to the rural economy. DoCC Internship themes include (but are not limited to) the following: Water | Financial inclusion | Health | Disability | Environment | Livelihood | Sanitation | Ageing | Disaster Management | Social Entrepreneurship | Energy | Alternatives | Agriculture | Women Empowerment | Education | Food | Self-Help-Groups


  • Social Impact Awards

    Social Impact Awards (SIA) is a DoCC initiative for recognising exemplary contributions made by social enterprises and social sector organisations toward society.

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  • Regunath Fellowship

    DoCC Regunath Research Fellowship in Social Citizenship and Management is to promote management research under the theme of sustainable futures and support novel contributions in the areas of health, education, ageing, CSR, livelihood, inclusion, women empowerment, agriculture to infrastructure and urban futures. The fellowship is funded by SPJIMR alumnus Mr. Deepak Regunath in memory of his late father, Mr. Regunath Ganesan.

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  • Ehsaas

    The NGO Mela is an initiative of DoCC at SPJIMR started in 2007 to provide a platform to several micro and small enterprises, profit-making social enterprises, NGOs & SHGs, to promote their products.

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  • Spirit of Humanity Awards – Americares Foundation

    Spirit of Humanity Awards (SoH) is a recognition and reward platform for exemplary contributions made towards the society. It is a stringent 3-step evaluation process to identify the Best-in class NGOs each year. DoCC collaborates with Americares every year as their knowledge partner to deliver the Spirit of Humanity Awards.

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  • Aasra

    Aasra is a cultural and sports fest for people with disabilities (PwDs) and senior citizens.

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  • Voice of Change

    Voice of Change provides SPJIMR participants with a platform to interact with heroes, pathfinders, changemakers and influencers whose work has positively impacted communities at the grassroots level.

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  • DoCC Impact Magazine

    For more than 30 years now, MBA participants of SPJIMR have gone to various places in India and overseas to work with communities and grassroots organisations. This is part of their core curriculum: Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC). They have, in the process, listened and learnt from the work these organisations are engaged in.

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