Apr 26, 2024

#DoCCDiaries: The snow-capped peaks of Kashmir stand witness as a silent revolution pedals forward.


Read our PGDM 2023-25 participant Rizwan Ali Hitawala’s first-hand account of his immersive learning journey across Kashmir with the social enterprise Curve Electric.

“My journey with DoCC SPJIMR led me to this innovative social enterprise, Curve Electric, spearheaded by the visionary founders Sheikh Yameen and Zubair Ahmed Bhat where electric bikes are not just vehicles but vessels of change. Curve Electric is transforming the landscape of urban mobility. This experience, set against the backdrop of Kashmir’s serene vistas, has been a testament to the power of resilience and the spirit of togetherness in building an eco-friendly future.

Whenever I met a Kashmiri local, the first question they asked, even a stranger, was – “Thik Chuwa?, Ghari chuwa Sarie thik Pathi?, Bait Khyowa?” which means, “Are you fine? Is everything fine at home? Have you had food?”

This represents the deeply ingrained culture that Kashmiris embody. Despite enduring trauma for decades, despite their fear of persecution due to being misunderstood, they consistently demonstrate politeness, kindness, and a willingness to help others. They want peace and tranquillity in their beautiful land. Life here in Kashmir is slow. The day starts at around 10 am in the morning, and due to cold, breezy nights, everything gets wrapped up by 7 pm. There is no nightlife here during the winter. Agriculture and tourism are the two main sources of revenue for the Kashmiri people, and the majority of them have their own houses to live in. During Ramadan, while visiting Kashmir as a Muslim, I was warmly embraced and invited to join their Iftar gatherings, where we ended our day-long fasts together at sunset. Joining them in prayer and indulging in delicious Kashmiri dishes, I felt a strong sense of belonging and unity. Sharing meals became a beautiful expression of mutual appreciation. Ramadan reminded me of our shared humanity and the value of diversity in bringing us together.

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