Analytics Club

Analytics Club cultivates a problem-solving mindset, offers insights into analytics across industries, and assists participants in mastering data-driven decision-making.

B Major

SPJIMR's official music club, B Major brings together musicians from various genres, such as Indian classical, western pop, rock, and indie music. The club hosts the flagship cultural event, Sargam.

Consulting Club

Consulting Club helps participants prepare for a career in consulting by providing curated resources and events such as framework sessions, case marathons, converse talk series, etc.

Product Management Club (PMC)

PMC is a starting point for aspiring product managers to develop a product-driven mindset, solve real-world customer problems, and understand the challenges of product management roles.


SPJIMR's public speaking club organises debates, speeches, and discussions to help participants hone their communication skills in a fun and encouraging environment.


The dance club SPin is a melting pot for all dance enthusiasts. SPin members' magnum performances add a distinct flavour to all SPJIMR events.


Tasveer, the creatives club, encourages participants' artistic side by providing a platform for self-expression through photography, arts and crafts, video editing, and short films.


Vishwas, a counselling and development initiative, engages in conversations about hope and resilience in a psychologically safe environment.

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