Experience helps leaders translate knowledge into wise decisions and actions. The right experiences help leaders empathise, reflect, integrate, innovate, and understand the implications of their decisions and actions. But what about aspiring leaders who have not yet had the opportunity to acquire such experiences?

At SPJIMR, we expose our participants to a unique portfolio of immersive experiences that accelerate their leadership development. The portfolio is carefully curated, with each experience focusing on a different operating context and objective. Collectively, these immersive experiences expose participants to reflect, understand and act in unfamiliar situations. Such constructive dissonance forges confident and wise leaders who can drive innovations that benefit both business and society.

SPJIMR was the first management school in India to introduce such ‘non-classroom learning’ experiences in its pedagogy more than twenty years ago, and constant innovation has kept us at the forefront. Our immersive experiences also carry significant academic credit, underscoring their importance in helping our participants grow as individuals and leaders.



Our participants understand the challenges of urban poverty and inequity as they mentor school-aged youth from the underprivileged districts of Mumbai.


Participants develop managerial skills through active involvement in the core administrative activities of the Institute including its four centres of practice through the Assessment of Managerial and Administrative Potential (ADMAP) initiative.


Participants develop an appreciation of ‘Bharat’ as they actively engage with the social sector through the Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC) initiative and propose solutions that have the potential to impact grassroots development positively.


Participants create a personalised inventory of ‘me’ – strengths and weaknesses along with a roadmap for personal development, and simultaneously begin their transition from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Science of Spirituality

Participants learn how to apply spirituality and wisdom principles to contemporary management and leadership challenges.

International Immersion

Participants develop the confidence to operate in a global context by participating in one of the institute’s international immersion programmes conducted at top-ranked international business schools.

Design & Innovation

Participants develop a “maker-innovator” mindset by immersing themselves in a laboratory-based design thinking and innovation journey to identify and create solutions to real-world problems.

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