Developing holistic leadership skills

The Science of Spirituality (SoS) is a reflective and experiential course anchored in practices and insights from eastern wisdom traditions (Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, etc.). It also includes learnings from the rapidly evolving practice of mindfulness. It is based on cognitive and developmental psychology frameworks that are integrated with research insights from neurosciences and management disciplines. SoS helps participants apply these practices to navigate dynamic business challenges. Both researchers and top corporate executives recommend awareness and mastery over one’s inner landscape as the two fundamental leadership skills. When developed adequately, these two inner meta-competencies enable leaders to assess complex and changing situations with minimum prejudices and distortions. This facilitates decisions and actions that are inherently flexible, pertinent, inclusive, people-centric, authentic and equitable.  

Objectives and

  • To provide participants with practical tools to build holistic leadership capacities 
  • To equip management participants with relevant insights to navigate with wisdom and live with enhanced engagement, meaning, and fulfilment 
  • To enable the participants to accomplish their quest for performance and success 
  • To assist participants in addressing the innate human quest for purpose and inner fulfilment  
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