Building administrative capabilities

The Assessment and Development of Managerial and Administrative Potential (ADMAP) is a unique immersive experience pioneered by SPJIMR. It enables participants to develop their administrative capabilities and management skills experientially. A mandatory 2.5-credit course, it instils in the participants core principles of self-learning and self-management through the prism of doing, observing, reflecting and recording.

ADMAP groups the participants into different committees. Each committee actively manages a range of the institute’s core administrative activities, including admissions, placements, industry engagements, cultural fests and events. Each committee is assigned a faculty-in-charge to guide the participants and help them derive management lessons from their experiences.

Participants get hands-on training and in-depth insights into various aspects of management. This experiential approach to management education helps participants evolve into well-rounded leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers of tomorrow who can get things done efficaciously in a rapidly changing and disruptive business environment.

Objectives and


  • Help participants learn how to work in a team of peers with diverse administrative styles
  • Inculcate a professional attitude among participants
  • Help participants learn how to enact the strategy to seemingly mundane tactical decisions
  • Help participants learn how to influence without positional power
  • Help participants understand various organisational structures
  • Teach participants about the sources of formal and informal power structures


  • Insights into varying levels of uncertainty and complexity in administrative decision-making
  • In-depth understanding of the formal and informal power structure in the organisation 
  • Learn how to enact the strategy to seemingly mundane tactical decisions and influence without positional power
  • Develop the ability to identify the urgency or importance of tasks and follow a prioritisation matrix


Masti Mela

Masti Mela is an Abhyudaya mentor-mentee event organised to enhance group and partner bonding among participants and the Sitaras outside a typical mentoring session by engaging in fun activities. 

CoPAL Xpress

CoPAL Xpress facilitates lively interactions and healthy engagement with prominent alumni who share with the management participants their personal stories and insights about life at SPJIMR, the corporate world and available prospects.

Red Herring Business Quiz

Red Herring Business Quiz is organised to test the participants’ business acumen and instil in them the need to stay updated to understand the dynamics of the business world. 

Ace the Case

Ace the Case is organised to make the participants aware of different facets of case competitions, including but not limited to primary and secondary research about the topic, the financial model, and the aesthetics of the presentation.


These are carefully curated brainstorming sessions conducted to meet the needs of the participants and help them master specific subjects.


SParc is the annual talk series showcasing inspirational stories of resilient people from diverse backgrounds who worked with Courage and Heart to grow, contribute, and shape a better world. 

Grey Matter Quiz

The event provides an interactive learning platform for faculty members, staff, alumni, and participants to flex their grey matter in an intense yet fun competition.


Dhanda is an annual business fest in which PGPFMB and PGDM participants work together to solve real-world business challenges. The event aims to nurture effective collaborations to understand, analyse and address business problems.

Beta Start

Beta Start is the annual flagship event organised for Startups in partnership with the Incubation cell. Budding Startups are invited to the SPJIMR campus for immersive learning to understand in-depth their business nuances under the guidance of expert mentors who have navigated similar startup challenges successfully.

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