Developing the “maker-innovator” mindset

Design and Innovation is a major theme at SPJIMR that runs across all programmes. It encompasses a sequence of courses that teach the principles and practices of innovation, and it incorporates many opportunities to design creative solutions to problems across domains. A unique feature of SPJIMR’s focus on Design and Innovation is the Design Thinking Lab or Maker Space which is a first-of-its-kind amongst Indian B-schools.

Featuring IoT kits, programming benches, laser cutters, 3-D printers, and, most importantly, a stimulating and creative environment, the Lab offers participants (and corporates and alumni) an opportunity to design and build real-world prototypes for challenging problems worth solving. An eclectic group of faculty across disciplines and external trainers support the participants’ innovation journey in the Lab using design thinking and other techniques. 

The Lab experience creates a solid foundation that the participants continue to build on throughout their time at SPJIMR, as they subsequently design creative and practical solutions to significant rural and urban problems (in DoCC and Abhyudaya) and to challenging business problems (in product management and entrepreneurship courses).

Objectives &

Innovation is about more than creating clever powerpoint slides or creating a pitch deck. Through the maker-innovator experience in the lab, participants:

  • Apply design thinking techniques to identify and frame problems worth solving
  • Learn how to work in creative teams, combining divergent and convergent thinking
  • Become familiar with the various technologies available to construct a solution
  • Get their hands dirty, designing their prototypes
  • Learn how to iterate their solution, building on failure and user feedback


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