Each SPJIMR Centre aims to improve the managerial practices of a specific professional community. Centres undertake research on key topics, conduct knowledge sharing and community building events, and provide specialised training and consulting. Centres also offer hands-on opportunities to SPJIMR students to learn and contribute to these communities of practice. Each Centre is managed by an Executive Director who coordinates a network of affiliated SPJIMR and external scholars, industry leaders, policy makers, and other community members.

  • Centre for Innovation in Sustainable Development (CISD)

    SPJIMR Centre for Innovation in Sustainable Development (CISD) is a networking and knowledge hub for the community of NGOs, policymakers, and commercial organisations who are developing solutions that address one or more of the sustainable development goals outlined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. CISD offers a specialised Post Graduate Diploma in Management for managers in the development sector and hosts periodic knowledge updates and events relevant to the development community. The Centre’s thought leadership efforts are currently focused on solutions that improve agricultural livelihoods and promote educational equity.

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    • Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (CFBE)

      SPJIMR Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (CFBE) aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and catalyse the sustainable growth of family business and community entrepreneurship ecosystems. CFBE provides family business leaders with the skills, ecosystem network, global outlook, and mindset required to pursue business growth while sustaining family values. CFBE offers a specialised Post Graduate Programme in Family Managed Business (offered since 1997 with more than 4000 graduates) and programmes in entrepreneurship and hosts varied networking and funding events. The Centre works with international researchers and publishes survey-based white papers on key issues facing Indian family businesses and micro, small and medium enterprises. 

    • Wise Innovation Studio for Emerging Technologies (WISE Tech)

      Society’s grand challenges need innovative and entrepreneurial responses, but such innovation needs to be wise – done for the right reasons and in the right way. The Wise Innovation Studio for Emerging Technologies (WISE Tech) brings together a diverse group of innovators who share an interest in developing and responsibly deploying new technology-based solutions to create a net positive impact on our society and planet.

      The WISE Tech community includes rising tech entrepreneurs, emerging SPJIMR student and alumni entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, investors, CSR leaders looking to leverage emerging tech for greater corporate impact, and academics who work on responsible, sustainable and ethical aspects of innovation. WISE Tech’s goal is to be the knowledge and community hub for all matters related to tech-based wise innovation and entrepreneurship.

    • Centre for Wisdom in Leadership (CWIL)

      Inspired by SPJIMR’s mission of value based growth, Centre for Wisdom in Leadership (CWIL) looks to enhance conventional leadership development approaches currently deployed by corporate learning and development professionals, with wisdom traditions drawn from the East and West. The Centre is part of an emerging global network of leadership and wisdom centres, scholars, and practitioners. CWIL co-creates and disseminates new perspectives through blog articles, podcasts, training modules, retreats, and conferences.

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