Jun 04, 2024

Discovering cutting-edge applications of AI and ML in the finance sector

Bhargavi Agrawal, PGDM 2022-2024  

I recently graduated from Michigan State University (MSU) as a part of the International Immersion Programme at SPJIMR, Mumbai. It was a memorable chapter from my MBA journey of 2 years, where I had the incredible opportunity to study from the proponents of innovation and the team that drives economic growth in the US and the world!

I gained a global perspective on financial markets and understood the complexities of international finance. With the experts in finance, I explored the critical role of forensic accounting in uncovering financial fraud and ensuring compliance. Discovering cutting-edge applications of AI and ML in the finance sector was a never-ending discussion! But it was less about what we learned and more about whom we learned from! The professors at MSU brought unparalleled expertise, deep research, and real-world experience into the classroom.

But it wasn’t all textbooks and balance sheets! Beyond the classroom, I had the chance to visit various manufacturing units, museums, historical buildings, and research centres, where I got to see innovation in action. Ford Rouge Plant, Lear and Aptiv gave me first-hand experience of innovation and technology. It was truly inspiring to observe how companies are pushing the boundaries in their production processes. I had unforgettable experiences visiting places like the Henry Ford Museum, Meijer Distribution Centre, Peckham, Michigan Capitol, and IQHub.

One of the best parts of my trip was exploring the stunning natural beauty of Michigan and the US. There is no better escape than the serene landscapes of Michigan’s state parks and the breathtaking Great Lakes. Dancing in the white, shiny snow, walking through the colourful fall leaves, relaxing by beautiful lakes, and enjoying the peaceful surroundings gave me a wonderful and refreshing experience I’ll never forget.

This experience not only expanded my knowledge but also highlighted the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-paced world of finance. I’m excited to bring these insights and skills back to the industry and tackle real-world challenges. I will forever be grateful to my professors and peers at MSU for making this journey so unforgettable!

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