The world today is dynamic but imperfect. To create a better world, leaders and organisations will need to innovate and scale wisely with humility, inclusivity and socio-environmental sensitivity. Existing solutions are not enough to address these challenges holistically and with positive outcomes for all. What is needed is a path of bold innovation. Yet innovation, with its potential for unforeseen consequences, can aggravate or create new problems. The traditional notions of innovation need to expand to consider a broader set of stakeholders, which requires wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. Therefore, our pursuit at SPJIMR centres on a very specific type of innovation, which we refer to as ‘wise innovation’. We define ‘wise innovation’ as purposeful innovation done for the right reasons in the right way. This concept goes beyond mere novelty; it requires a nuanced understanding of innovation’s broader impact and implications.

To gain a deeper understanding of SPJIMR’s guiding principle, #AdvancingWiseInnovation, read Dean Varun Nagaraj’s insightful interviews featured in various publications.

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Presenting valuable insights shared by thought leaders about #AdvancingWiseInnovation in today’s rapidly changing world:

David Rooney
Professor, Management and Organisational Studies Department of Marketing and Management and Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University
Member of SPJIMR CWIL Advisory Committee
The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast
with Dean Varun Nagaraj
Soumitra Dutta
Dean of Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Varun Nagaraj
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