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Renuka Kamath

Professor, Marketing

Associate Dean, Full-time Programmes

Renuka Kamath holds a Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai, with a research focus on Modern Vs. Traditional Retailing. She has a bachelor’s (BSc) and master’s (MSc Prev) degree in Chemistry from Delhi University and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal, Karnataka.

With over 3 decades of experience, she worked in the industry for 15 years, leading responsibilities in Marketing and Sales within the Education and Technology industry. She embarked on her academic career in 2005 and has taught courses including Foundations of Marketing, Marketing Management, Sales and Distribution, Design Thinking, Strategic Marketing, and Marketing Simulations.

Her intellectual contributions have been vividly published and presented in renowned journals and case publications, conferences, and periodicals. Her research is anchored on topics covering Women in Sales, E-commerce, Channel Management, and Design Thinking.

Her research and teaching efforts have been recognised, and she is the recipient of the ‘Best Seller Case’ Award by Ivey and ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to Academics by Higher Education Forum. She has led administrative leadership roles as an area head, programme head, and chairperson in her previous assignments. She is currently Associate Dean, Full-time Programmes at SPJIMR.

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University of Mumbai

Ph.D., 2013
Focus: Marketing, Modern Versus Traditional Retailing

T. A. Pai Management Institute

PGDM, 1989
Major: Marketing and Systems

Delhi University

M.Sc. (Pr.), 1987
Major: Chemistry

Delhi University

B.Sc., 1986
Major: Chemistry


    Sales Management

    Women in Sales


    Channel Management

    Design Thinking


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    Renuka Kamath, Ashita Agarwal (2013), Evoe Spring Spa – a Positioning Dilemma, Ivey Publishing (a ‘Popular’ case) on Harvard Business Publishing (This case study was ranked # 1 in the ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition 2013, among 100 global entries).


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    “Channel choice decisions for e-commerce in consumer goods industry”.
    E-commerce channels have increased the opportunities for market access for all organizations. In emerging markets such as India, organizations access diverse consumers through a complex network of channel intermediaries. The channel choice decision between channel configurations offline and through online channels is an interesting area. Firms have developed innovative linkages in dyadic relationships (manufactures as sellers on platforms) or as triads (manufacturer, e-distributors, and e-marketplaces) that impact the transaction cost of the relationship. The governance structures of these relationships, through which firms outsource or build capacity for various transactions e.g., order-booking, payments, warehousing, etc. can be significantly different from those for the traditional channel (off-line), for the same set of products and consumers.

    “Is Embedding Social Dimension in Advertising Effective?” (Planning).
    The use of emotional connect is age old in building brands. Using social dimensions for emotional connect is a route corporation are taking. Emerging economies often are characterized by many social restrictions related to social issues like widow remarriage, gay rights, etc. Brands have begun embedding these social dimensions in their communication.


    Marketing Management

    Sales and Distribution

    Distribution Management

    Strategic Marketing

    Design Thinking and Innovation

    Marketing Operations



    Best Seller Case Award – “Evoe Spring Spa: A Positioning Dilemma”, Ivey. (May 5, 2020).


    Outstanding contribution in the area of Marketing Management, through teaching, research & publications, Higher Education Forum (HEF). (September 3, 2016).


    Foundations of Marketing

    Sales and Distribution

    Design Thinking

    Strategic Marketing

    Marketing Simulations


    S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (Oct 2013 – Now)

    Professor – Marketing

    S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (Jan 2005 – Sept 2013)

    Associate Professor – Marketing

    Administrative Assignments

    Associate Dean, Full Time Programmes (February 2022 – Present)

    Associate Dean, Academic Services and External Relations, Business School. (Sept 1, 2020 – January 2022)

    Chairperson, PGEMP, Programme. (Nov 2013 – Apr 2017)

    Area Head, Marketing. (May 2009 – Oct 2013)

    Programme Head, PGDM. (May 2007 – May 2009)

    Area Head, Marketing. (Jan 2005 – May 2007)

    IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited (Apr 2000 – May 2004)

    Manager- Sales

    Whirlpool of India Ltd. (May 1996 – May 1999)

    Manager – Trade Marketing

    Kelvinator of India (Oct 1989 – Nov 1995)

    Manager – Business Development

    Weston Electronics. (May 1989 – Oct 1989)

    Management Trainee


    Ronak Opticals – Specialists in Eyewear

    Consultation on their brand architecture and brand portfolio re-look. Revamping their retail sales through restructuring the sales force.

    Legrand – The French global specialists in electrical and building infrastructures

    A relook at their brand architecture, product portfolio, and sales force structure and recommendations thereof.


    Management/Executive Development, RNA RESOURCES DUBAI. (February 3, 2020 – February 6, 2020)

    Management/Executive Development, MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (September 19, 2019 – September 22, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, MDP-CAPSTONE FOR PIDILITE. (September 16, 2019 – September 21, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Huntsman PU Division. (September 17, 2019 – September 18, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, AstraZeneca. (September 3, 2019 -September 5, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Pidilite. (August 8, 2019 – August 13, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Pidilite. (August 7, 2019 – August 12, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, MDP CAPSTONE PIDILITE. (July 1, 2019 – August 10, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Design Thinking. (July 6, 2019 – July 7, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Design Thinking. (June 6, 2019 – June 7, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Welspun India Ltd. (April 5, 2019)

    Management/Executive Development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (May 21, 2018)

    Management/Executive Development, University of Warsaw. (April 30, 2018 – May 6, 2018)

    Management/Executive Development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (April 27, 2018)

    Management/Executive Development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (April 4, 2018 – April 5, 2018)

    Management/Executive Development, Mahindra & Mahindra, Women Leaders Programme. (October 9, 2017 – October 14, 2017)

    Management/Executive Development, University of Warsaw. (April 30, 2017 – May 6, 2017)


    COO, Mahindra Limited, Customer centricity and leadership (2017)

    COO, Mahindra Limited, Customer centricity and leadership (2020)


    Kamath, R., Sankrityayan, M. (2020). Emergence of e-B-to-B distributors, life savers for retailers or death knell for offline FMCG distribution?. Forbes India. http://www.forbesindia.com/article/bhartiya-vidya-bhavans-spjimr/emergence-of-ebtob- distributors-lifes-savers-for-retailers-or-death-knell-for-offline-fmcg-distribution/57899/1

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    Kamath, R. (2012). Johnson & Johnson – Listerine: Changing the Category Dynamics. Book Titled ‘Case Studies in Marketing Effectiveness’. SPJIMR Publication.


    Governing Council, SPJIMR (2015 – 2018)


    Editorial Review Board Member, Emerging Markets Case Studies Journal, Appointed. (2018)


    American Marketing Association

    Emerald Emerging Markets Case


    Council Member, WICCI: Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Global Impact for Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs & Professionals. (October 7, 2020 – Present).

    Member, School of Management Board of Studies, D Y Patil University, Pune, Maharashtra. (March 6, 2020 – Present)

    Workshop Organizer, SPJIMR, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (February 3, 2020). Speaker, NITIE Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (January 27, 2020).

    Governing Council Member, SPJIMR. (July 2015 – May 2019).

    Speaker, 30th AIMS Annual Management Education Convention, 2018 at Infosys Convention Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka. (August 31, 2018 – September 1, 2018).

    Speaker, Sinhgad Institute of Management in Association of AICTE, Pune, Maharashtra. (December 11, 2017).

    Editor, Book, SPJIMR, Mumbai. (January 2014). Workshop Organizer, SPJIMR, Mumbai. (2013).

    Attendee, Meeting, “Building Powerful and Profitable Brands – In Good and Bad Times”, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (March 2013).

    Attendee, Meeting, Lessons in Marketing Excellence, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (February 2013).

    Editor, Book, SPJIMR, Mumbai. (February 2013).

    Moderator, Marketing to Kids, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (January 2013).

    Innovations in the Teaching of Marketing, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (January 2012). Editor, Book, SPJIMR, Mumbai. (January 2012).

    SPJIMR Marketing Impact Awards (SMIA), Mumbai, Maharashtra. (January 2008 – January 2012).

    Attendee, Meeting, “SPIN SELLING” special management programme with Neil Rackham. (February 2009).

    Colloquium on Participant Centered Learning for leadership and excellence, Boston, MA. (July 27, 2008).


    Dissertation Committee Member, Other (Outside S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research). (November 2016 – Present).

    Advised: Nitin Pitty

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