Sudhanshu Maheshwari

Sudhanshu Maheshwari

Assistant Professor, Organisation and Leadership Studies

Prof. Sudhanshu Maheshwari is an HRM expert, organisational psychologist, and leadership coach. He completed his Ph.D. in Management while specialising in human resource management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Before joining the Ph.D. programme at IIM Ahmedabad, he completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical & Electronics and Master’s in Economics from BITS Pilani. He also holds a master’s degree in Psychology, specialising in organisational behaviour and human resource management.

In his current role as Assistant Professor in the area of Organizational & Leadership Studies, Dr. Maheshwari executed transformative HRM and leadership executive programs tailored for mid and senior-level professionals from esteemed organisations, including L&T, BPCL, Schneider Electric, TATA Powers, and Mahindra & Mahindra. He offers a variety of courses and electives, such as Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management, Strategic HRM for Family Businesses, Talent Management in the Digital Era, Leadership Lab for Mid and Senior-level Managers, Managing High-Performance Teams, Organisational Behaviour for New Age

His research focuses on enhancing employee well-being to augment firm productivity, deconstructing hybrid workplace systems, probing the role of digitalisation of business intelligence (BI) in the organisation, and exploring the assimilation of artificial intelligence with people practices in the firm. He also works in the domain of sustainability. He has consistently received acceptance and presented his work for many prestigious international and national conferences, such as the Academy of Management (AOM), European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS), European Academy of Management (EURAM), International HRM (IHRM), International Conference on Green HRM and Sustainable Behaviour, NASPAA South Asia Conference, and Indian Academy of Management (INDAM). In terms of teaching, he plans to take courses on strategic people management, managerial effectiveness, the dark side of hybrid work systems, and leading digital transformation.

Prof. Maheshwari’s industry-specific consulting experience includes Bosch, India, where he played a crucial role in partnership with this IT behemoth, unveiling pivotal trends that impact employee turnover and foster a culture of continuous learning. His analytical acumen and ability to identify and leverage unanticipated data patterns significantly enhanced organisational strategies. His engagement with ATOS, France, a Paris-based IT firm, showcased his global consulting prowess, where he conducted predictive analyses that offered strategic insights crucial for positioning IoT products in competitive markets. At HURL, Delhi, a leading fertiliser manufacturer based in Delhi, Prof. Maheshwari spearheaded improvements in HR processes, highlighting his advanced skills in statistical analysis and his ability to translate data into actionable strategies.

He has a demonstrated history of working in management consulting at PSU and the private sector. He is skilled in data analysis, mixed-method research, and text analysis and has a strong research background.

Prof. Maheshwari’s approach to leadership and ethics is deeply influenced by his study of traditional Indian literature, including the Mahabharata, Ramayan, and Bhagavad Gita. These texts guide his professional ethos and teaching philosophy, emphasising integrity, duty, and thoughtful decision-making. His work integrates these values into modern business practices and leadership training, aiming to inspire professionals to lead with character and respect for cultural wisdom.

Active in his professional community, Prof. Maheshwari regularly engages in workshops and seminars as a speaker and panellist, discussing the future of work, the role of AI in human resources, and sustainable HR practices. He is an active member of SHRM and NHRDN. He is committed to mentoring young professionals and guiding Ph.D. candidates, reflecting his dedication to developing the next generation of leaders in his field.

An avid writer, Prof. Maheshwari has contributed to several top academic journals and is working on a book to make complex academic research accessible to a broader audience. This upcoming book will translate scholarly insights into practical knowledge for everyday business and personal development.

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Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad   

Ph.D. in Management, 2018–2023
Focus: HRM

IGNOU, India

Masters in Psychology, 2018-2020
Major: OB&HRM

BITS Pilani, India  

Dual Integrated Course, 2010–15

  • Master of Science, Economics
  • Bachelor of Technology, Electrical and Electronics

    Managerial and Organisational Cognition

    Future of work

    Sustainability-centric organisational system


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    Kaur, A., Maheshwari, S., (2024). Sustainable leadership: navigating the green transformation in modern business. People Matters.

    Maheshwari, S., Kaur, A., (2024). Empowering HRM with Artificial Intelligence. Business Manager: Making HR people complete.


    Strategic Human Resource Management

    Essential of Leadership

    Managerial Effectiveness


    Human Resource Management

    Organisational Behavior

    Learning and Development

    Dark side of Hybrid work systems


    Worked as an Assistant Manager in VST Private Limited, New Delhi (2015 -2017)


    Executed strategic human resource consulting for a renowned Indian fertiliser company based out of New Delhi on organisation climate and perceived HR practices (November 2021 – January 2022)

    Conducted strategy consulting for ATOS, Paris, on their go-to-market strategy for IoT-based devices in small and medium enterprises (March 2019 – May 2019)


    Academy of Management – Member and Reviewer

    International Journal of Organizational Analysis – Reviewer

    Indian Academy of Management – Reviewer


    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
    KPMG India
    Issued Dec 2019
    Credential ID MU112019222

    Marketing Analytics Practitioner
    Henry Harvin
    Issued Feb 2019
    Credential ID 005455/IND/1794

    CII Supply Chain Management Professional
    Confederation of Indian Industry
    Issued Mar 2020 – Expires Feb 2024
    Credential ID SCMPro/2019/11/1929

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