Partners play a crucial role in the success of the SPJIMR FinNovate Accelerator. Our partners bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources that are immensely valuable to start-ups. The partners are committed to identifying the best start-up founders and providing them with the necessary funding, support, and infrastructure to build next-generation startups.

Start-Up Partner

Mumbai Angels is our key partner. We are running this programme jointly with Mumbai Angels, making selected startups eligible to pitch to Mumbai Angel investors automatically. Mumbai Angels is a platform for early-stage venture investments based in Mumbai, India, with a mission to build the asset class of start-up investing in a systematic and disciplined manner. The platform has invested in 160 start-ups across various sectors in India and secured exits or the next round of funding for 60 of these companies. Mumbai Angels has a reputation as the gold standard in the industry for how deals are invested and managed, and it aims to become a launch pad for first-time VCs and a key player in wealth management discussions. The platform views start-up investing as a craft that requires learning, honing, and mastery over time.

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners bring their extensive expertise and resources to the table, providing startups with invaluable networking opportunities, mentorship, and exposure to potential customers and partners. Through this collaboration, startups can gain access to insights into the needs of customers in the financial sector, thereby helping them refine their products and services.

Reliance Securities

Ecosytem Partners

Outreach Partners

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