FinNovate Accelerator Cohort 1

Meet FinNovate Accelerator’s first cohort of 12 exceptional start-ups selected for their unique potential.

  • Credore

    Lingraj Mahanand, Harshit H Jain

    Trade Finance

    Credore provides a comprehensive solution to enhance Financial Supply Chain Management by Leveraging innovative technologies such as public blockchain and zero-knowledge proof. We address the challenges of automation, visibility, and manageability in trade processes while ensuring trust, traceability, and anti-fraud capabilities.

  • Drona Pay

    Satish Kashyap,Pallavi Narvekar, Sukhdev Singh Zala

    Payment Fraud Detection

    Drona Pay is a company that provides real-time risk monitoring solutions for payments and lending using machine learning. The company works with various financial institutions to prevent fraud, chargebacks, delinquency, default, laundering, phishing, and scams in different types of transactions. The company uses advanced techniques such as device fingerprints, biometrics, geolocation, and app usage patterns to protect their customers.

  • Finclus

    Telrumani Naveen Kumar, Dr Rakesh Verma

    Agricultural Finance

    Finclus is a company that provides interoperable agriculture data exchange and integrated agriculture ID for various state governments and banks in India. The company has issued and partnered with millions of Kisan credit cards, which offer low-interest loans, discounts, and market linkages to farmers. The company also uses advanced technologies such as speech recognition, satellite imagery, and machine learning to generate insights for agriculture, water resources management, healthcare, and insurance.

  • Litefin

    Jagannadha Rao, Nageshwar Prasad

    Personal Finance Management

    LiteFin is a company that helps customers manage their personal finances by aggregating and analyzing their banking, investment, credit card, and loan data. The company also provides personalized recommendations and predictions to help customers improve their returns and reduce their expenses. LiteFin also helps BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) companies to offer their products more effectively and efficiently.

  • Nucash

    Ashit Joshi

    Student Financing

    NuCash is a company that offers a student-friendly financial app that combines a zero-balance savings account, an integrated payment solution, and a unified platform for financial insights. The app aims to eliminate stress and give students complete control over their finances.

  • Prizwiz

    Shiv Shankar, Pradeep Venkat

    Price Discovery Platform

    Prizwiz is a company that offers a personalised price discovery platform for online shopping. The company has two unique offerings: an AI native whatsapp assistant that helps users select and order products based on their preferences, budget, and needs in any language of their choice; and a mobile app that compares prices and bank offers across multiple marketplaces and recommends the best combination for maximum savings. The company also helps marketplaces, banks, and NBFCs to understand customer behaviour and provide tailored offerings, promotions, and financial solutions.

  • Paykio

    Jitendraa Singh, Bhagawati Neupane

    Cross-border payments

    Paykio is a company that offers a comprehensive solution for cross-border utility payments and fund transfers. The company’s app allows users to make various transactions, such as bill payments, recharges, utility payments, and e-commerce transactions, with ease and low costs. The company’s goal is to improve the financial experiences and lives of its customers by simplifying the process and reducing costs.

  • LookODU

    Axel Balakrishnan, Anil Balan, Nipun Balan

    Customer engagement and Rewards Programme

    LookODU is a payment platform that helps offline SMB merchants to attract and retain more customers by offering a rewarding experience that combines payment, loyalty, and marketing around the UPI platform. Your objective is to help both merchants and shoppers to maximize the lifetime value of their shopping experience.

  • Truffle Money

    Amarneesh Kalra

    Point of Sale Management

    Truffle-Money is a company that offers an aggregation platform that provides near-instant credit at the point of transactions. The company aims to serve individuals across the entire spectrum of creditworthiness, including those with low CIBIL scores or no credit history. The company’s platform enables customers to access credit from various lenders and pay later with flexible options.

  • Vouch

    Krishna Jonnakadla, Nithin Prakash, Anupam, Pavan Devatha

    Escrow Account

    Vouch is a company that offers a digital escrow service that allows two parties to transact with the assurance that payment will be released only upon satisfactory performance of the contract. The company has three product offerings: Vouch P2P app, which is for peer-to-peer escrow transactions such as freelancing or buying real estate; Vouch Digital escrow, which is for B2B and corporate customers such as fractional real estate; and Vouch Escrow APIs, which is for enterprise customers and startups such as marketplaces.

  • Vitt.AI

    Bibhuti Anand, Saurabh Ahlawat

    AI Based Sales Copilot

    VITT is a company that offers a generative AI based copilot for front line sales teams at BFSI companies. The company’s copilot provides real-time cues to the sales executive during live customer interactions, which helps them to answer all client queries accurately, provide personalized advice, and drive the engagement towards sales. The company’s copilot aims to improve the sales performance and customer satisfaction of BFSI companies.

  • Webnyay

    Vishwam Jindal, Ishita Jindal

    Online Dispute Resolution Platform

    Webnyay is a company that offers a tech (SaaS) based solution that automates dispute resolution and grievance redressal. The company has three products: Grievance Redressal Platform, Online Dispute Resolution, and Document Management Solution. The Grievance Redressal Platform helps grievance redressal teams to manage and respond to grievances digitally and in compliance with regulations. The Online Dispute Resolution Platform helps parties to resolve disputes online through arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. The Document Management Solution helps in-house legal teams to store and manage legal documents. The company uses machine learning and document automation technologies to assist its customers.

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