Karan Ambwani

  • Designation: India Lead
  • Organisation: dYdX Foundation
  • Area of Expertise: Blockchain, Crypto & Derivatives

Karan Ambwani leads the dYdX Foundation in India, which is focused on growing the use and improving governance of the dYdX protocol. His expertise lies in growth strategy and product management for web3 applications. He has been in the digital assets and blockchain space since 2016 and has worked on building, consulting and improving many DeFi projects across multiple chains.

He founded a perpetual exchange in 2021, that did over $100M in volumes in less than 8 months. The DEX was built on a Cosmos app chain, with smart contracts on Polygon and raised close to $1M in funds from some of the top Web3 investors, market makers and L1 protocols. Before this, he led programmes for the Open DeFi alliance, the global strategy for Conflux Network, and the strategy & operations for ConsenSys in India.

He is known for his expertise in blockchain technology and his deep understanding of the Indian fintech ecosystem. He is passionate about using technology to drive financial inclusion and is a strong advocate for the adoption of digital assets.

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