The nine-month Post Graduate Executive Programme in FinTech, AI/ML, Data Science & Blockchain is tailored for mid to senior management professionals in BFSI or IT. This comprehensive programme equips you with the latest knowledge and skills to excel in the evolving digital landscape. Gain expertise in FinTech, AI/ML, Data Science, and Blockchain through practical learning. Bridge the understanding gap and design effective digital transformation strategies.

Join us in this transformative programme, where you will acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the dynamic world of FinTech and AI/ML. Elevate your career and make a significant impact in your industry. Enroll and stay ahead of the curve in the digital revolution.


  • Highest on-campus component

    Highest on-campus component

    Learn experientially with a 12-day on-campus immersion, complemented by 70 hours of on-campus learning, alongside 60 hours of live interactive online sessions on weekends.

  • Global Perspective

    Global Perspective

    Gain global perspectives from our international faculty from prestigious universities, renowned for their academic excellence and industry expertise in finance, technology, and research.

  • Hands-on Experience

    Hands-on Experience

    Work with start-ups through SPJIMR FinNovate a start-up accelerator and get exposure to real-world business challenges and get a deeper understanding of the industry.

  • Learning Beyond the Programme

    Learning Beyond the Programme

    Acquire premium access to CFI’s Beyond the Bottomline which houses a rich repository of industry-relevant research resources.

  • Flexibility and Convenience

    Flexibility and Convenience

    Learn with minimal disruption to your busy schedule and without compromising on your existing commitments and with live online sessions and weekend classes.

  • Comprehensive & Holistic Curriculum

    Comprehensive & Holistic Curriculum

    Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive programme, covering FinTech, AI/ML, Data Science, and Blockchain, ensuring you acquire relevant future-ready skills

  • SPJIMR Alumni Status

    SPJIMR Alumni Status

    Join our powerful alumni network of 15,000+ members, leading top businesses across diverse sectors around the world and build lifelong supportive professional connections.

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