The programme is designed and delivered by experienced faculty at SPJIMR and accomplished international academicians to provide participants with real-world insights and develop skills needed to succeed in finance. The programme is designed as a blended course with 3 campus immersions every quarter on weekends and 6 online live contacts on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays, totalling 130 hours.

Programme Structure

Programme Architecture
  • Module 1-Foundation

    • Time Value of Money
    • Financial Institutions
    • Financial Markets
    • Financial Instruments
    • Financial Market Regulation & Compliance
  • Module 2-Blockchain

    • Introduction & Basics (Concept building to be ready for Fintech)
    • Understanding Blockchain/DLT: Mathematical and cryptographic primer
    • A deep dive into the Bitcoin blockchain
    • Enterprise blockchains & diverse use cases
    • Smart contracts, DApps, DAOs, & DeFi
    • Cryptos (Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins & CBDCs, Crypto Exchanges, Cryptoassets, & Cryptoventures)
  • Module 3-Fintech

    • Eco, Fin & Tech in Fintech: A Summary
    • Swift, NPCI, UPI, CBDC & Payment Systems
    • Robo-advisory, Alt PMS & Wealth Tech (India & World), Algo Trading
    • Insuretech in India & World
    • Fintech Banking, P2P, Alternative Lending & Reg Tech
    • Fintech Regulations Outlook
  • Module 4-AL/ML/DS

    • Introduction to Machine Learning and
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Neural Networks and Architecture
    • Decision Trees and Random Forest
    • AI in Text Mining and Credit Analytics
    • AI and Future
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