Sujith Nair

  • Designation: CEO and Co-founder
  • Organisation: FIDE

Sujith Nair, the CEO and Co-founder of FIDE (Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy), has a remarkable background in driving innovative initiatives in decentralised digital ecosystems. As a co-founder of FIDE, alongside industry stalwarts like Nandan Nilekani and Dr. Pramod Varma, he co-founded and actively contributed to the evolution of the Beckn Protocol as a digital public good, fostering its adoption and sustainability. With his expertise in open-source technology and his instrumental role in developing the Beckn Protocol, he has paved the way for creating decentralised digital economy ecosystems.

Before his journey with FIDE, Sujith held key leadership positions in management consulting and internet businesses focused on urban mobility and digital payments. His involvement in crucial interventions during the Aadhaar program and his design of India’s national transit open payments interoperability demonstrates his deep understanding of technology-driven solutions and their impact on society. His notable accomplishments include conceptualising and establishing the Kochi Open Mobility Network (KOMN), the world’s first decentralised open mobility network utilizing the Beckn Protocol. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in co-conceptualising the idea of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and was instrumental in onboarding the first set of market participants and formulating the ONDC Strategy Paper. His commitment to volunteering for various open network initiatives, including KOMN and ONDC, showcases his dedication to driving interoperable and decentralised digital ecosystems on a global scale.

Sujith’s multifaceted experiences, strategic vision, and extensive knowledge of emerging technologies make him an invaluable mentor for startups, providing them with the guidance and expertise needed to seize opportunities and achieve long-term success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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