Programme Overview

We live in a demanding world. There are demands and expectations at the workplace. Our ambition is also a demand we make on and of ourselves. Attempting to meet all these demands and find the proverbial work life balance causes us stress. Living amidst the noise and overwhelm of these demands, how do we as leaders develop our inner resources and fulfil our commitments with comparative ease and grounded lucidity?

SPJIMR’s Centre for Wisdom in Leadership brings to you “Mindfulness – timeless wisdom, contemporary mantra”, a 2-day programme designed especially for you to make a mindful shift from an autopilot and reactive mode which often accompany stress to a more composed, creative, and responsive way of being

Programme Objectives

Drawing upon neuroscience research, wisdom literatures of East and West as well as corporate pragmatism, the programme will help you:

  • understand your own stress triggers and reactions in a more scientific and objective manner
  • apply the concept and various frameworks of mindfulness to strengthen your leadership effectiveness at work
  • learn mindfulness practices which can have a sustained impact to enhance your personal and professional wellbeing quotient

Programme Pedagogy

  • Discussions in pairs or small groups – Sharing your personal experience
  • Reflection and Application exercises (individual & group) – Experimenting for yourself the relevance of frameworks and tools. Such as Self-Assessment Questionnaires, Journaling)
  • Contemplative Practices – Living guided moments of contemplation (Breathing and Meditative Movements)


Prof. Surya Tahora

Executive Director, Centre for Wisdom in Leadership

Who Should Attend

This program is for mid and senior executives who are determined to take on larger leadership responsibilities with a sharper focus, more poise, greater responsive and adaptive abilities


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