As the world moved to digital technology, with the pervasive use of computers and the omnipresent smartphones, organisations and business have had to move their messaging and marketing to the internet. Increasingly, digital is becoming the most important or sometimes the only means of communicating with all stakeholders. It is, therefore, vital for managers to understand, plan and execute a viable social media and digital marketing strategy.

Programme Objective

The course is designed to give participants a managerial perspective on digital marketing. Participants will be exposed to the underlying principles of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy. The course will provide participants with a deeper understanding of various components and channels of digital marketing. Participants will develop a sound understanding of digital marketing fundamentals, which will allow them to design digital marketing strategies for firms and be able to manage teams of digital marketing professionals – both within the firm and with external agencies. The course will delve into elements related to search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, mobile marketing and more. The course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these components, giving you a strong foundation to excel in your digital marketing efforts.

Programme Director

Prof Shabbir Hussain

Assistant Professor

Deputy Programme Chairperson, Post Graduate Programme in General Management

Shabbir Husain R.V. is a faculty member in the Marketing area at SPJIMR. He has completed Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM) from Xavier Labor Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, and holds Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Calcutta.

His career spans over 20 years, in which he was engaged with leading consulting firms before joining academics. His research interest includes Sustainability Consumer behaviour, and Online Consumer Behaviour, and has presented his intellectual contributions through journal publications and conference presentations.


The programme is highly interactive, and pedagogy would be a mix of lectures, case discussions, business scenarios and an introduction to ad serving and social listening tools.

Key Outcome

  • Participants should be able to understand the need and the importance of digital marketing for marketing success
  • To manage stakeholder relationships across digital channels and build better relationships
  • To create a digital marketing plan defining target groups and creating appropriate content plans
  • Understanding key concepts to be able to integrate digital into marketing strategy and be able to monitor and analyse


The programme fee is Rs. 24,900 +GST

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