Programme Overview

What brands make you happy? Apple? Maggi? Levi’s? What draws you towards these brands? How do marketers create persuading brand experiences? How can you create a brand that can build relationship with customers? This course takes a consumer-centric approach to explore these questions and identify the ingredients that go into building and managing brands.

As competition gets aggressive and more and more products compete to occupy consumer mind-space, role of branding becomes critical. Strategic Brand Management aims to help participants recognize brands as a strategic asset and understand the design and implementation of programs to build, measure and manage brands over time.

Brand is a powerful tool for creating value for companies and customers. The key output of strategic branding is defining the brand image and a set of associations stored in the memory of customers. The course begins with a conceptualisation of brand image on a psychological basis and then elaborates on the strategy, tactics and governance that can create and sustain powerful and meaningful brand images. Participants will learn how to conceptualise, design, and measure brand image and, through case studies, will gain experience in making strategic and tactical decisions in managing brands.

Participants will gain competency in concepts that can be used in careers in brand management but also used in other business functions that require interface with brands. This interactive course combines cutting-edge academic thinking and proven techniques to inspire and enable participants to create and manage brands.

Programme Objectives

At the end of this programme, participants will be equipped to

  • Understand and appreciate the role of brands in creating business and shareholder value.
  • Define clear value propositions for their target customers
  • Think and plan brand strategy that positively impacts business growth
  • Enhance the ability to plan and execute impactful brand strategies

Course Content

  • Understanding how brands add value – Brands in Boardroom
  • Defining the brand strategy – The Brand identity and positioning at various stages of PLC
  • The Integrated Brand Experience through thoughtful Design and Brand Communications.
  • Building brand relationships, and loyalty
  • Leveraging digital media for building brands
  • Brand Architecture and Portfolio
  • Measuring and Building Brand Equity


Ashita Aggarwal

Prof. Ashita Aggarwal

Professor, Marketing

Mentor, Teaching Excellence & Teaching Development

Who Should Attend

The mission of SPJIMR is to influence practice and the Institute works closely with businesses at all levels to enable the translation and transfer of management concepts to real-life practice of business.

The programme is designed for entry-level to senior managers who wish to launch or nurture brands or manage brand portfolios. A couple of years of experience in sales or marketing is preferred but not necessary. The only condition is essential passion for learning about brands and branding.


Programme Pedagogy

The programme is highly interactive, and pedagogy would be a mix of lectures, case discussions, simulations and industry interactions.


Key Outcome

Think critically about the strategies and tactics involved in building, managing, leveraging, and sustaining strong brands.

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