Centre for Family Managed Business (CFMB)

SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Managed Business

Globalisation of the Indian economy during the 1990s led to a plethora of opportunities for family businesses, bundled with daunting challenges of survival. To fight the onslaught of multinationals, family owned and managed businesses required new management skills, operational competencies, and strategic intent. As an educational institute, we were the first to recognise this need and provide management education to next-gen members of family businesses at CFMB.      

India has about 48 million businesses categorized in micro, small, and medium enterprises. Almost 85% of these businesses are family owned and managed. With the changing socio-economic environment, these businesses face crucial challenges of market expansion, scaling up, and succession planning. At CFMB, our mission is to prepare and guide family businesses to move to the next level of growth and develop skills to enhance productivity, while maintaining values and entrepreneurial spirit.

We contribute to the success by providing educational and developmental programmes for owners and their family members, senior executives, and other stake holders. We offer customised solutions through consultancy services and probe deeper into the family business domain through applied research.  



In 1998, we launched India’s first and most successful modular MBA programme in Family Managed Business. It is our flagship programme to prepare next-gen members to manage and lead their family businesses. A strong network of over 3,500 alumni is spread across India in almost thirty five industry verticals.  

Family businesses face unique challenges of growth, governance, and longevity. They are constantly buffeted by the winds of change. To help navigate the volatile and uncertain environment of business, we offer Owners’ Management Programme and Women’s Management Programme, preparing them to take management and ownership responsibilities in their family businesses. For business families and promoters aspiring to move to the next orbit, we offer Advanced Management Programmes for families in business on strategic growth, leading transformation, and succession planning.     



As thought leaders in the family business education domain, we constantly endeavour to unravel profound insights into complexities of family businesses.  We have collaborated with globally renowned knowledge partners to conduct application research in the family business domain. Research papers and case studies of our faculty are published in international peer-reviewed journals and magazines.



Family businesses are driven by entrepreneurial spirit and practical approach. Each family has its unique DNA and Code of conduct, resulting in distinct challenges. We guide multi-generational business owning families to reinvent their purpose and vision, consolidate resources to manage risks, develop strategic roadmaps, and prepare for transformational change.

Our experienced faculty members facilitate the process of change with the next generation’s entry in the business, increase organisational effectiveness, and hand-hold the family to develop good governance practices.  


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Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar
Programme Head, FMB
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