SPJIMR CFBE co-hosts SPGC Conversation Series

February 8, 2024

SPJIMR is the official host of the STEP Conversation Series for the year 2024. Stichting STEP Project Global Consortium (SPGC) is an international research forum that strives to promote trans-generational entrepreneurship within family businesses.

The second STEP Conversation Series had three eminent keynote speakers – Prof. Tanja Leppäaho, Professor of Growth Entrepreneurship at LUT Business School, LUT University, Finland; Prof. Sarah Jack, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lancaster University, UK; Prof. Andrea Calabrò, Co-Director & Professor, IPAG Business School, France. They discussed the topic ‘Internationalization of Family Firms’ in an insightful conversation with Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar.

Prof. Tanja Leppäaho explored the intricate process of decision-making for internationalisation spanning 150 years, focusing particularly on (family) CEOs in their day-to-day environments. Prof. Leppäaho’s presentation delved into how these CEOs, across generations, have navigated the complexities of expanding their businesses globally. The session offered insights into the factors, strategies, and challenges influencing their decision-making over time, highlighting the dynamic nature of international business leadership within family-owned enterprises.

Prof. Sarah Jack’s session delved into the importance of social connections and networks in supporting the international growth of family businesses. The discussion focused on how these relationships help family firms navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities in global markets.

Prof. Andrea Calabrò explored the challenges that business families faced during internationalisation. From navigating cultural nuances to managing regulatory complexities and family dynamics, strategic approaches such as rigorous research, strategic alliances, and effective communication were discussed.

The series witnessed active participation from attending global academicians, researchers and practitioners. SPJIMR is an affiliate of the internationally recognised Stichting STEP Project Global Consortium (SPGC). It is a global applied research initiative that explores business practices within family-managed businesses to generate solutions that have immediate application for family business leaders.

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