Family Business & Entrepreneurship Research Presentation | Sustainable governance in family businesses: An environmental point of view

November 7, 2023

Discover the latest in family business and entrepreneurship research with SPJIMR CFBE Family Business & Entrepreneurship Research Presentation Series. This series aims to spark research-driven discussions in the captivating yet intricate realm of family-run enterprises and entrepreneurship.

In the inaugural presentation, esteemed speakers Dr. Fernando Muñoz-Bullón, Associate Professor of Management at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and Dr. Maria J. Sanchez- Bueno, an Associate Professor of Management at the same university, delved into the topic of Sustainable Governance in Family Businesses: An environmental point of view.

Dr. Maria J. Sanchez-Bueno shared valuable insights into how family firms engage in environmental innovations, achieving outstanding innovation performance. She explored theories and hypotheses suggesting that family firms are more inclined to leverage external green knowledge, leading to superior innovation performance compared to non-family firms.

Dr. Fernando Muñoz-Bullón presented a comprehensive survey of business strategies, utilising data from 1457 firms (6590 firm-year observations) spanning 2009 to 2016. His findings revealed that a narrow geographical focus is correlated with more positive links between family firms, innovation performance and regional green knowledge. This engaging session attracted distinguished research scholars, academicians, and STEP affiliates from around the globe, leading to a lively Q&A session.

SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (CFBE) provides family business leaders with the skills, ecosystem network, global outlook, and mindset required to pursue business growth while sustaining family values.

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