CFBE Research Presentation on “Bringing the family to the spotlight…”

January 19, 2024

SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship (CFBE) recently organised an online Research Presentation on “Bringing the family to the spotlight: An agenda for research on enterprising families and family offices” by Dr. Josip Kotlar, Full Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Family Business, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano.

Dr. Josip Kotlar shared insights based on his research of entrepreneurial business families, which need to be viewed as an amalgamation of multiple family boundary organisations that manage the family assets over the long term. He explored family-related ecosystems through four complementary perspectives: Efficiency, Power, Competence, and Identity. He also provided various directions for future research, based on these four perspectives.

The online event witnessed active participation from international and domestic researchers and SPJIMR FPM scholars.

The CFBE Research Presentation Series aims to provide a platform for researchers and global scholars to exchange ideas, build networks and collaborate on research projects through meaningful associations. Designed for seasoned professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, academics, and anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of family businesses, the presentations ensure that its audience gains valuable insights and knowledge on the subject.

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