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Leading Business School in India

As one of the Asia's finest business schools, SPJIMR has persistently built on its unique strength of imparting high quality management education through pedagogic innovations, encouraging business-academia interface and emphasizing on its twin objective of Influencing Practice and Promoting Value based growth.

SPJIMR has acquired the reputation of meeting societal needs of under-managed sectors by offering unique, purposeful and relevant programs. SPJIMR displays a differentiated approach across the entire academic flow of activities in higher management education.

Leadership Development Program


Abhyudaya is a unique pedagogic innovation of SPJIMR, which aims to address the 'Big Problem' of urban poverty & foster social responsibility & character building among B-school students through 'experiential learning'. SPJIMR is the first B-school in India to launch a mentorship program aimed at preparing its participants for the top management roles as ... More

Development corporate sitizen

It started in 1993 with an idea of six week social project in rural areas or urban slums for PGDM participants. The participants after the completion of first year are mandatorily required to take up 6-week social projects. Working in socially and economically disadvantaged sections exposes them to hardships and...More

Development corporate sitizen

Gita Shibir course is our effort to provide participants with usable map to identify, appreciate and imbibe attitudes to stand up to life’s situations and efficiently meet ever changing world of challenges. The course is offered to provide perspectives from Bhagavad Gita to understand human life, including ‘what’ and ‘why’ dynamics and options...More

Development corporate citizen

The PG Lab will encourage you to explore your personality, discover your strengths and areas of improvement, understand others better, develop skills of interaction and collaboration, sharpen your understanding of groups and organizations, and finally sensitize you to the larger Indian and global societal context... More

Development corporate sitizen

The acronym stands for Assessment & Development of Managerial & Administrative Potential. It is a program unique to SPJIMR where participants participate in the actual functions of the Institute, own up the process of learning and 'learn by doing' or 'by observing', theoretical inputs and by working on projects...More


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