SPJIMR Design Thinking Fair: Crafting solutions for societal impact

February 20, 2024

S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) hosted its first Design Thinking Fair on February 20, 2024. 360 participants from Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGDM) & Post Graduate Programme in Management (Business Management) (PGDM (BM)) showcased 60 projects offering innovative solutions to address pressing issues faced by residents in the Andheri K-West Ward area.

Our students meticulously researched and collaborated with the local community to identify challenges affecting underprivileged sections. Through a series of immersive experiences and in-depth interviews, using their learnings from the Design and Innovation course at SPJIMR, they extracted unique insights and crafted solutions aimed at making a significant impact.

During the fair, each of the 60 student groups presented their projects, highlighting their journey from problem identification to prototype development. From paper-board-based models to 3D printed prototypes, from wireframes & wearables to dummy apps, the creativity and dedication of our students were evident in their projects.

The evaluating panel included Prof. Suranjan Das, Prof. Lata Dhir, and Prof. Sukriti Sekhri. The panel, as well as the visitors, including K West-ward residents, SPJIMR faculty, and staff, shared the same sentiment that these prototypes hold significant potential for addressing similar community issues across the city and beyond.

These inspiring projects are part of the mandatory Design and Innovation course offered across programmes at SPJIMR. It encompasses a sequence of modules that teach the principles and practices of innovation, and it incorporates many opportunities to design creative solutions to problems across domains.

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