Confluence 2024

February 13, 2024

The two-day cross-programme consulting event -Confluence, witnessed its preliminary round on February 13 2024, between participants of the Post Graduate Programme in Family Managed Business (PGPFMB) and the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). Participants from both programmes came together to find solutions to diverse business challenges. Business problems were identified from different family businesses owned by the families of the PGPFMB participants. A group of PGPM participants, in collaboration with one PGPFMB participant, worked as a team of consultants to analyse the problem and find viable solutions.

Confluence aims to promote and instil skills like brainstorming, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, strategic thinking, etc., in our participants. Along with developing several skills, participants also get to network and develop effective solutions that help family businesses enhance the expertise of both groups.

Confluence 2024 featured 26 teams presenting their family business case studies with problem analyses. The participants participated enthusiastically and dived diligently into their problem cases, brainstorming and working to find solutions. The event not only fostered a culture of learning and flexibility but also provided a collaborative environment for problem-solving, laying the groundwork for future business leaders and consultants to grow and develop in a continuous manner in response to changing business ecosystems.

The event was meticulously planned and managed by the organising committee members, including:

  • Mr. Antriksh Agarwal – PGDM/BM 2025
  • Mr. Godwin Dbritto- PGDM/BM 2025
  • Mr. Debdutta Guha – PGDM/BM 2025
  • Ms. Aditi Daga – PGPFMB-34
  • Ms. Simran Dhingra – PGPFMB -34
  • Mr. Arya Jain – PGPFMB 34
  • Mr. Divyansh Aggarwal PGPFMB 34

Winners of the Confluence Consulting Competition Final Round

Result Team Name PGDM/BM Consultant 1 PGDM/BM Consultant 2 PGDM/BM Consultant 3 FMB Consultant FMB Business Owner
First Moonlighters Akshil Thakkar Neha Mishra Tanushee Agarwal Ketan Milind Shukla Sneh Kaur Matta
Second Vishwas Sonali Gaitonde Swarit Agarwal Parneet Purba Nilay Deepakkumar Vadalia
Third Team VIP Vishakh Raja P C Ishank Jain Pooja S Vaishnavi Joshi Samarth Gupta

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