May 16, 2020

Don’t shy away from Machine Learning!

Anil Vaidya

For past several years Machine Learning (ML) is considered as forte of technical people who can write hundreds of lines of code which only they can understand. Although these days business leaders and managers understand the significance of ML, with this perception they shy away from it leaving this field to the techies. Today ML has sneaked into every aspect of our life right under our nose. The digital age tools have made it an integral part of every communication that we do. The mail software today suggests us how we write the salutation; the shopping sites recommend us what to buy and the social media communications convey us names under photographs.

Not to be left behind, businesses have adopted ML in various areas. The financial world looks forward to detecting fraudulent transactions; the ecom players try to judge buying pattern of customers and the factories attempt to predict machine failures and so on. It’s critical that business leaders and managers get acquainted with ML technologies. One doesn’t need to write programs to solve business problems. Today it’s possible to use the graphical ML tools to do the same without help of techies. What we need is willingness and desire to know and understand something more.

And that’s the path of career success!

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