Nov 13, 2018

Technology – A Full Course Meal

Anil Vaidya

Today entire countries are being run by Technology; Estonia may be small but serves as an example to the rest of the World. The Scandinavian countries are doing the same besides many others. When Governments around the globe are trying to take advantage of the technology capabilities businesses cannot take a back-seat. They are also experimenting with it.

However it turns out to be an intriguing experience for managers and techies in businesses. In the past we always believed in specialisation and super-specialisation; that one must excel in one technology. In spite of that belief we need to realise that the technology has evolved into a full course meal. The Chef has to know and be an expert in cooking every course to offer an extraordinary experience to the diners.

To start with we have connected devices that employ IoT and its solutions. The data from IoT devices needs to be stored in Big Data applications deploying Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL etc. And depending on whether data gets captured on the  internet or otherwise Cloud solutions may come into the picture. Having captured data, the next stage revolves around Analytics involving various tools of data mining and business intelligence used by Business Analytics. To top it all now we have Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that assists businesses in their day-to-day decisions and strategies for the future. Today new high end mobile devices embed AI & ML by default. 

It is becoming critical for business managers and techies to be aware of the full length of technologies and their business implications. We are at the confluence of business knowledge, technology and the statistical and operational tools that have developed over the past few years. We at SPJIMR, being a School of Management, have consciously adopted an approach to offer insights into these technologies. Experiential learning is the cornerstone of our education.

It is imperative that  Business Managers and Leaders gain knowledge and serve full course Tech meals to attain their business missions and visions.

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