May 19, 2023

Benefits & scope of pursuing Global Management Programme in India

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Professionals today are drawn to global employment opportunities due to the appeal of a better lifestyle, superior infrastructure, organised policies, and good governance. An international career perspective offers vast opportunities for career progression, providing better financial benefits and valuable experience and skills that are highly sought after in the global job market.

Many professionals seek niche opportunities requiring new-age skills in high demand in the global job market. Technology is a significant driver of this preference. Working in a foreign country allows professionals to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures, resulting in exposure to new ideas and perspectives. Indian youth seeking a competitive edge in their career market may find working overseas a worthwhile investment, and they are continually seeking to enhance their education to pursue such opportunities.

Some top B-schools have also begun offering specialised courses like Global Management Programmes to cater to the increasing demand for professionals with a global mindset and the skills to work internationally. With the globalisation of the business world, there is a growing need for professionals who can work seamlessly across different cultures, languages, and geographies.

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing A Global Management Programme From A Top B-School?

Global Management Programme provides professionals with various opportunities to expand their professional network, such as –

Networking events – Top B-schools conduct networking events like guest lectures, conferences, and alums interactions, which allow students to connect with professionals from different industries and countries, leading to the growth of their network.

International immersion and collaborations
– The GMP programme offers students the chance to study abroad, enabling them to experience global culture and learn about cutting-edge business practices. This encourages critical thinking about global issues and provides them with cross-cultural awareness and analytical tools while helping establish global networks.

Alumni network – With a vast alumni network across the globe, prestigious B-schools offer students mentorship, job referrals, and other networking opportunities, leading to valuable connections in their respective fields.

Industry exposure – As part of the GMP programme, students gain industry exposure through internships, consulting projects, and study exchange programmes, leading to a deeper understanding of the industry and enabling the development of networks.

Global Management Programme is widely recognised and accepted globally as one of the top programmes in global business, making it a valuable investment for students looking to expand their professional networks. Keep reading to learn how top Indian B-schools with international collaborations can help.

The Significance Of B-schools With International Collaborations

In today’s increasingly globalised world, exposure to different cultures, business practices, and ways of thinking is crucial for career success. Pursuing an MBA or MS degree abroad offers students a unique chance to immerse themselves in a different culture and gain exposure to diverse business practices and perspectives.

Pursuing an MBA or MS degree from a prestigious international institution can significantly improve one’s chances of securing a high-paying job in their field of study. Moreover, many international programmes offer robust career services and networking opportunities, which can help students build valuable connections and gain access to top employers.

Access to high-quality education is also a significant factor driving the trend of young professionals seeking career opportunities overseas. Many international institutions are renowned for their world-class faculty and innovative teaching methods. Pursuing an MBA or MS from such an institution can provide students with a rigorous and comprehensive education that prepares them for success in their chosen field. This is where international collaborations with Indian schools can play a vital role. By partnering with international institutions, Indian schools can offer students the opportunity to gain international exposure while supporting them. These collaborations also provide students access to international faculty and resources, helping bridge the gap between Indian and international education systems.

Scope Of A Global Management Programme From A Top B-School

Upon completing the GMP programme from a top B-school, students can expect to have a deep understanding of global business practices, strong leadership skills, and a global professional network. The programme equips students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in leadership roles in international organisations. Many graduates have gone on to work in senior positions in multinational corporations, consulting firms, and international organisations.

Professionals who pursue a Global Management Programme from a top B-school can explore career paths that may open up, including:

Global Business Management – With a GMP degree, professionals are equipped to take on senior leadership positions in global businesses. They can work as business development managers, sales directors, or global operations managers.

International Finance – Graduates can work in international banking, investment banking, private equity, and venture capital.

Entrepreneurship – A GMP degree equips professionals with the skills and knowledge to start and run a successful business globally.

Consulting – Graduates can work as consultants for companies that require advice on expanding globally, international market entry, and other global business issues.

Marketing – A GMP degree can prepare professionals for marketing roles in multinational corporations, where they can manage and implement global marketing strategies.


SPJIMR (S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research) is a top-ranked management institute located in Mumbai, India. SPJIMR offers a variety of management programs, including its flagship Global Management Programme (GMP) is designed to develop global leaders who can navigate diverse cultures, work in multicultural teams, and lead organisations that operate across borders.

The SPJIMR GMP is a full-time programme that exposes students to global business practices and prepares them for leadership roles in international organisations. The programme is taught by experienced faculty members with extensive industry and research expertise and by visiting faculty from renowned international universities.

The programme includes an international immersion module, a two-week intensive programme where students visit international business hubs to gain exposure to global business practices and culture. The programme also includes a business simulation module, where students learn to manage businesses in real-life scenarios.

It also offers students opportunities to participate in networking events, international collaborations, and alums interactions. The programme’s curriculum includes courses in international finance, global marketing, cross-cultural management, global strategy, and leadership courses.

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