Jul 04, 2023

Gain eligibility for leadership positions worldwide with SPJIMR’s GMP

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  • Equip Yourself For Leadership Positions Worldwide
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In today’s global business world, organisations face tough competition beyond borders. With the help of technology and digital platforms, businesses can operate globally, reaching wider markets and accessing diverse resources. E-commerce has transformed how customers shop, offering convenience and more choices. Data analytics and artificial intelligence empower companies to make smarter decisions and provide personalised experiences to customers.

However, this globalised landscape brings challenges too. Organisations must navigate complex international regulations, understand different cultures, and deal with uncertain geopolitical factors. Sustainability and ethical practices have become crucial, as consumers expect businesses to be responsible. To stay relevant, companies need leaders who are not only competitive, but also agile, adaptable, and innovative.

The Role Of Leaders In Today’s Dynamic Business Landscape

As globalisation advances, and businesses gain momentum, global leaders have a critical role in businesses, especially those with international operations. They establish a strategic vision and formulate plans to achieve business objectives on a global scale, considering market trends and risks. They promote collaboration and effective communication across different cultures by building and leading diverse teams. They are trained to drive market expansion by identifying new opportunities, adapting to local markets, and navigating regulations. Global leaders are equipped to manage cultural diversity, promoting inclusivity and bridging communication gaps. They do this by attracting, and retaining talent globally, implementing talent management strategies, and fostering leadership capabilities.

Global leaders navigate change and ensure organisational adaptability during mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring. They also manage key stakeholder relationships, negotiate partnerships, and navigate cultural and regulatory differences. The presence of these leaders is crucial for driving organisational growth, fostering collaboration across borders, and ensuring success in the global business landscape. Their skills in strategic planning, team leadership, culturally intelligence, and stakeholder management are essential in navigating complexities and achieving business objectives on a global scale.

Are you equipped to tackle the complexities of the emerging realities?
Gain Eligibility For Leadership Positions Worldwide With SPJIMR’s GMP Programme

The SPJIMR (S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research) is a well-known management institute established in Mumbai in 1981. SPJIMR’s goal is to promote this kind of positive change by fostering wise innovation on a large scale. It achieves this through its teaching, thought leadership, and active involvement with industries and communities. By equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge, SPJIMR aims to develop leaders who can make a difference and contribute to building a better world.

The Global Management Programme (GMP) offered by SPJIMR is a full-time programme designed for those who wish to study abroad and kick-start their global careers. GMP collaborates with prestigious management institutes in Europe, the UK, and the USA to provide full-time international management programmes.

The primary goal of GMP is to nurture responsible global business leaders who have a deep understanding of leading businesses in diverse locations within our interconnected global economy.

The programme objectives are as follows –

  • Responsible leaders
  • Can lead in a global environment
  • Competent in functional and cross-functional business areas
  • Seasoned decision-makers with innovative capabilities

The credits earned during GMP are recognised by the partner schools abroad, contributing towards the completion of an MBA/MS degree. With over 600 alumni holding leadership positions worldwide, GMP has a proven track record of preparing participants for influential roles in global businesses.

Key Highlights Of The Programme

Rankings – SPJIMR has been acknowledged by the Financial Times Masters in Management (FT MiM) Rankings 2022 as one of India’s two top management institutes. When it comes to the GMP programme, SPJIMR collaborates with internationally renowned schools that hold AACSB accreditation. Together, they provide a global MS/MBA degree to the participants.

Dual Alumni – Upon graduation from the GMP programme, students gain dual alumni status, belonging to both SPJIMR and the alumni network of the international partner school. This dual alumni network offers them valuable opportunities to utilise and build a successful global career. SPJIMR understands that going to a new country and living with strangers can be extremely stressful and challenging, hence, equipping students with their local language is a part of its holistic curriculum helping students to blend in well with their peers and network effectively with the faculty, increasing their chances of gaining global employability.

Peer Network – At SPJIMR, students get to study with a diverse group of peers from different fields. Later, they continue their programme at international partner schools, where they join peers from various nationalities and backgrounds. This unique experience enables them to build a special network of peers and engage in valuable peer learning. They gain deep insights into how different cultures influence global business practices in diverse economies.

Industry Connect – International partner schools provide various industry engagements that participants can take part in. These include a mandatory company-linked master thesis, international internships, consulting assignments, research projects based on industry needs, developing entrepreneurial ventures, industry projects, and visits to partner facilities that are usually restricted. These engagements are tailored to align participants’ education with their career goals, increase their chances of being accepted by corporations, and create global job opportunities. The Global Management Programme batch joins various B-schools during the tenure of the programme enabling the students to multiply their network. Professors from partner schools take classes for this programme which further increases the networking opportunity and enhances the learning experiences.



GMP has a strong and consistent record of providing 100% placement assistance. Graduates of the joint programme secure placements in the country where they complete their MBA/MS. Our partner schools collaborate with organisations in various locations to facilitate employment opportunities for participants. The GMP Programme Office, partner schools, and alumni work together to enhance participants’ employability. Typically, companies initially offer internships and then transition capable candidates into permanent positions. After completing internships, the expected average salary ranges from $85,000 to $120,000 (approximately INR 66 lakh to INR 94 lakh) in the US. In Europe, it is €45,000 to €65,000 (approximately INR 37 lakh to INR 53 lakh), and in the UK, it is £41,000 to £65,000 (approximately INR 39 lakh to INR 60 lakh). GMP alumni are established globally with notable achievements showcasing exemplary leadership.

Student Experience

This student talks about his desire to study management education at the top B-schools in the world, since childhood. On getting an excellent CAT score, he was confused between opting for an Indian top B-school for its rigour and curriculum, or going overseas which could give him international exposure. That’s when he learned about the GMP programme offered by SPJIMR which offered him the best of both worlds – branding of a top Indian B-school, as well as the international exposure he was seeking.

Devendra Chhajer, GMP

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    Gain Eligibility For Leadership Positions Worldwide With SPJIMR's GMP Programme

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