GMP Programme Placement and Career Services

GMP has a proven and consistent track record of 100% placement assistance. Graduates of the joint programme are placed in the country where they complete their MBA/MS. Our partner schools collaborate with organisations across destinations. GMP Programme Office, the partner school, and alumni work towards the participants’ employability. Most companies tend to first hire for internships if the candidates prove to be capable; they are absorbed in a permanent position. The average expected salary after internships varies from $85,000 to $1,20,000 (approx INR 66 L to INR 94 L) in the US. In Europe, it is €45,000 to €65,000 (approx INR 37 L to Rs 53 L) and £41,000 to £65,000 (approx. INR 39 L to INR 60 L ) in the UK.

In Europe, participants with zero to two years of work experience secure jobs with an average salary of approx. EUR 50,000. With three years of experience and an MBA degree, the average entry-level salary is EUR 60,000. There could be outliers depending on the industry and experience. There are instances of our alumni earning a salary of EUR 1,20,000. GMP alumni are established globally with notable achievements presenting cases of exemplary leadership.

The map illustrates the GMP alumni network in leadership roles across the world.


The enlisted career-transition handbooks showcase GMP alumni's professional journeys from the international partner schools.

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