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Learn how the GMP helps you lead in today’s globalised business environment

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It is easy to achieve success; it is difficult to maintain it.”
~Kishore Biyani, CEO of Future Group

In today’s interconnected and fast-paced global business environment, organisations are navigating a highly competitive landscape that transcends geographical boundaries. Enabled by advanced technology and digital platforms, businesses operate on a global scale, capitalising on expanded market access and diverse resources. Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence empower companies to make data-driven decisions and personalise customer experiences.

However, this globalised landscape also presents challenges. Organisations must grapple with complex international regulations, cultural nuances, and geopolitical uncertainties. Sustainability and ethical considerations have become essential focal points, with heightened expectations from consumers for responsible business practices.

To thrive in this dynamic environment, organisations must embrace digital transformation, foster a culture of continuous learning, and prioritise inclusivity. Collaboration and strategic partnerships are vital for seizing opportunities and navigating the complexities of the global marketplace.

Through qualified business leaders equipped with the agility and adaptability to respond to these changes swiftly, international businesses are being represented in every global region.. These leaders are trained to identify trends, anticipate market shifts, and adjust business strategies accordingly, ensuring that the organisation remains competitive and relevant.

Where do these leaders get training from?

Just as diamonds are formed under intense pressure, global leaders with exceptional skills are often the graduates of top business schools in India who undergo rigorous training and exposure that shape them into extraordinary professionals.

One notable example of a prestigious institution in India is SPJIMR (S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research) which provides its graduates with a competitive edge and positions them as catalysts for positive change in the business world.


Established in 1981 in Mumbai, the SPJIMR (S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research) is a renowned postgraduate management institute with a mission to influence managerial practice and drive positive societal impact. It is dedicated to nurturing leaders who possess wisdom, humility, inclusivity, and socio-environmental sensitivity.

Recognising the dynamic nature of the world, SPJIMR believes that creating a better future requires innovative thinking and scalable solutions. Through its comprehensive approach encompassing teaching, thought leadership, and engagement with industries and communities, SPJIMR aims to advance wise innovation at scale. By imparting cutting-edge knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing ethical leadership, the institute prepares its students to tackle complex challenges and contribute meaningfully to the business world and society as a whole.

SPJIMR strives to create an environment that fosters holistic growth, where students develop business acumen and a sense of social responsibility. The B-school has also started offering unique programmes in Software Engineering and Information Technology primarily targeted towards Engineering students. SPJIMR equips them with the skills and mindset needed to make a lasting impact in their careers and communities by promoting value-based education and encouraging students to be agents of positive change.

Reasons To Choose SPJIMR?

SPJIMR is known for the quality of its graduates and the positive impact created by exceptional leaders.

  • Global Dimension – All students of SPJIMR’s full-time programmes participate in a short-term international immersion programme, traveling to and studying at top academic institutions in the USA in cohorts.
  • Alumni Power – Over 15000 SPJIMR alumni occupy leadership positions in large corporations across the globe, entrepreneurial startups, family-managed businesses, and non-profit organisations.
  • Reputation – SPJIMR has been rankings among the top 10 B-schools in India, establishing a global reputation
  • Placement Outcomes – Full-time students enjoy the benefits of the best career services with a consistent placement record of 100%, even during the pandemic, and compensation that ranks highest for fresh graduates.
  • Immersive Experiences – The “non-classroom learning” experiences in pedagogy, along with the constant innovation have kept SPJIMR at the forefront. Its students dive into the experiences designed to get them out of their comfort zones.

SPJIMR must be offering a ton of programmes. Which one would be ideal for excelling in today’s globalised economy?


SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme (GMP) is designed for individuals aspiring to pursue their education abroad and embark on successful global careers. GMP collaborates with esteemed management institutes in the UK, Europe, and the USA to offer comprehensive full-time international management programmes.

With a network of over 600 alumni holding leadership positions across the globe, GMP has a proven track record of preparing students for prominent roles in global businesses. The programme’s focus on international exposure and academic rigour equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in diverse and dynamic global environments.


GMP aims to develop global business leaders who understand the implications of leading businesses across diverse geographies in an interconnected global economy. The programme competency goals are –

  • Responsible leaders
  • Capable of leading in a global environment,
  • Competent in functional and cross-functional business areas
  • Seasoned decision-makers with innovative capabilities

Highlight Of The GMP Programme

Dual alumni – Upon completion of the joint programme, students are conferred with dual alumni status, becoming part of both SPJIMR and the esteemed alumni network of the international partner school. This dual alumni status offers a valuable opportunity for students to harness the power of both networks and establish a strong foundation for a thriving global career.

Rankings – Financial Times Masters in Management (FT MiM) Rankings 2022 recognised SPJIMR as one of the top two leading management institutes in India. For GMP, SPJIMR partners with the top-ranked international schools that are AACSB accredited to offer a global MS/MBA degree.

Industry connects – The international partner schools provide a diverse array of industry engagements, including international internships, consulting assignments, industry-specific research projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification through industry projects. Students also have exclusive access to renowned partner facilities such as UPS, Walmart Distribution Center, and Performance Team in Los Angeles. These tailored engagements are designed to align students’ educational experiences with their career goals, foster greater corporate acceptance, and open doors to global job opportunities.

Peer Network – At SPJIMR, students get the opportunity to study alongside a diverse group of peers from various fields. They then continue their programme at international partner schools, where they interact with peers from different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. This unique experience fosters unparalleled peer networking and peer learning, providing deep insights into the influence of diverse cultures on global business practices across various economies.


The GMP programme consists of three phases: Foundation, Compulsory Courses, and Electives. The Foundation and Compulsory Courses provide a solid understanding of fundamental subjects such as Communication, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Statistics, and Design Thinking. Electives offer more in-depth knowledge and are chosen based on the requirements of the partner school and the student’s interests. Regardless of the chosen partner school, participants undergo foreign language training in German, French, or Dutch. GMP participants complete a total of 54 credits, which include pre-reads, post-reads, individual assignments, group work activities, presentations, quizzes, and exams. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants receive a certificate from SPJIMR, and the international partner school awards the MBA/MS degree.

The flexible architecture of the GMP programme allows for the recognition of credits by partner schools. The curriculum covers core management courses as well as data science-related subjects such as R/Python, data analytics, business modelling using spreadsheets, and digital product management. Each credit course in the GMP programme consists of 10.5 classroom contact hours.

Mandatory courses in the GMP programme include project management (including certification), problem-solving using design thinking, quantitative methods for decision science, core management courses in marketing, finance & accounting, operations/supply chain, organisational behavior, HR, and a foreign language. Four credits are allocated to foreign language courses, and participants are required to select one from German, French, or Dutch.

Global Placements

The GMP programme has a consistent track record of providing 100% placement assistance to its graduates. Upon completing their MBA/MS in the respective countries, participants are placed with the support of our partner schools and alumni network. Many companies prefer to hire candidates for internships initially, and if they prove their capabilities, they are often offered permanent positions. The average expected salary after internships ranges from $85,000 to $120,000 (approximately INR 66 Lakhs to INR 94 Lakhs) in the US, €45,000 to €65,000 (approximately INR 37 Lakhs to INR 53 Lakhs) in Europe, and £41,000 to £65,000 (approximately INR 39 Lakhs to INR 60 Lakhs) in the UK.

In Europe, participants with zero to two years of work experience typically secure jobs with an average salary of approximately EUR 50,000. With three years of experience and an MBA degree, the average entry-level salary increases to around EUR 60,000. However, there may be outliers depending on the industry and individual experience, and some of our alumni have achieved salaries as high as EUR 120,000. The GMP alumni have established themselves globally and have notable achievements, showcasing exemplary leadership in their respective fields.

Students’ Experiences

The Uniqueness Of SPJIMR’s GMP

GMP provides a platform to choose specialisations and electives of one’s choice. The master thesis offered by the partner schools with international learning and development and global cultural diversity increases one’s employability. On successful completion of the MSc. in Automobile Management is a unique programme offered by EBS Business School, Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, the international degree can open up opportunities in Germany, the US, Europe, and other parts of the world. GMP will also enable one to interact with students across the globe and helps them to develop a global mindset. Placements in international destinations make GMP stand out as one of the global leading faces in India.

Currently, our alumni hold positions at renowned international organisations such as the World Bank, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank, Apple, Airbus Helicopters, Amazon EU, Credit Suisse, E.ON, PWC, E&Y, Deloitte, Crane Co., Capillary Technologies, Rocket Internet, IBM, TCS, Daimler, Decathlon, and General Electric, among others. They contribute in various roles such as Chief Product Officer, Loyalty & Retention Manager, Pricing Manager, Finance Controller, and Group Account Manager.

Sahil, GMP – EBS 2017 Participant

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