Apr 11, 2023

Why is the youth seeking career opportunities overseas?


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India has made remarkable strides in various fields, including science, technology, and management education, which has significantly contributed to its global reputation. The Indian education system is widely acknowledged as one of the finest in the world, attracting a large number of talented students. Despite the abundance of opportunities in India, many young professionals are now seeking employment opportunities abroad.

Despite the uncertain environment and sluggish growth in the developed economies, Indian professionals prefer to go and work out of India, particularly in the western economies like the U.S., Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia. In fact, Ma Foi Randstad’s ‘mental mobility status’ of employees globally marks Indians at the highest on the Mobility Index.

There are myriad reasons why the young professionals of today seek to work overseas. The primary reason for these preferences is that this generation is attracted by a better lifestyle, excellent infrastructure, organised policies, and good governance. On the other hand, a global career perspective offers vast opportunities that provide a better chance for career progression. Overseas employment offers attractive financial benefits, as well as a work culture that fosters valuable experiences and skills, positioning young professionals for success in the future.

Indian youth looking for a competitive edge in their career market may find working overseas a worthwhile investment. They are continually looking to scale up the education that would provide them with this opportunity.

What Is A Global Management Programme?

A Global Management Programme equips professionals with a perspective that allows them to manage businesses in the global scenario. Areas that cover the domain of international business could include:

  • International business strategy
  • Cross border Communication
  • Marketing with a global outlook
  • Global leadership
  • International trade regulatory and policy framework
  • International logistics and operations management
  • Managing negotiations and conflict at a global level

A Global Management Programme builds a platform that allows professionals to manage and succeed in a globalised business environment. The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained through a Global Management Programme prepare individuals for international careers by providing:

Global Business Perspective –A Global Management Programme prepares professionals in areas of international business like international marketing, international finance, global supply chain management, international trends , etc. These competencies are essential for managers who want to manage in global business environments.

Cultural Perspectives – To excel in managing global teams and businesses, it’s crucial to have a cross-cultural perspective that can facilitate effective communication, negotiation, and team management. This approach enables professionals to gain deeper insights into international economic trends and identify emerging opportunities in the global market.

Adaptability And Flexibility – Pursuing a Global Management Programme equips the professional with the skills required to adapt and be flexible in global business environments that are dynamic and rapidly evolving.

What Are The Advantages Of Applying To A B-School That Has International Collaborations?

One of the main reasons why young professionals are seeking career opportunities overseas is the desire for global exposure. In today’s globalised world, having exposure to different cultures, business practices, and ways of thinking is essential for success in any career. Pursuing an MBA or MS abroad provides students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and gain exposure to different business practices and perspectives. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, students must gain exposure to different cultures, business practices, and ways of thinking to succeed in any career.

Despite the benefits of pursuing an MBA or MS overseas, there are also challenges that students may face, such as culture shock, language barriers, and difficulty adjusting to a new academic system. This is where international collaborations with Indian schools can help. By partnering with international institutions, Indian schools can offer students the opportunity to gain international exposure while supporting them. Such collaborations also provide students with access to international faculty and resources, helping to bridge the gap between Indian and international education systems.

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    Enhancing Your Professional Network with the GMP offered by SPJIMR

    The Global Management Programme provides professionals with an opportunity to enhance their professional network in several ways:

    Collaboration with international peers: The programme offers participants the chance to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries. This enables them to develop a more global perspective and build connections with professionals from different parts of the world.

    Access to alumni network: The programme’s alumni network can be an invaluable resource for professionals looking to expand their network. Alumni can provide mentorship, job leads, and introductions to other professionals in their network.

    Summary: Overall, the Global Management Programme offers professionals numerous opportunities to expand their professional network, both within the programme itself and through access to alumni and career services resources.


    • Is SPJIMR a recognised institution?

      SPJIMR is a top ranked business school established in 1981 in Mumbai. SPJIMR has been granted Category-1 status by AICTE and has been accredited by AMBA, AACSB International. SPJIMR is ranked no.2 in India and no.44 in world by Financial Times 2022 Global Rankings.

    • What is the Fee structure for SPJIMR’s GMP programme?

      The fee for six months of GMP at SPJIMR Mumbai is Rs 6,93,500 plus taxes. GMP participants receive a special tuition fee at the international partner school based on the SPJIMR partnership. The ballpark figure for the whole programme expenses at SPJIMR and the partner school costs approx. INR 20 to 60 lakhs.

    • What is SPJIMR famous for?

      SPJIMR is known to advance wise innovation at scale by shaping the innovation practices of the following stakeholders – the thousands of participants in our full-time and modular programmes, the hundreds of corporate and NGO partners who rely on us for talent acquisition and ongoing development programmes, and a select number of high leverage entrepreneurial communities or ecosystems that we support through our centres of practice.

    • What are the Eligibility criteria for SPJIMR’s GMP?

      • Graduation in any stream with 55% and above can apply.
      • A valid GRE/GMAT/CAT/XAT/NMAT score.
      • If you do not have a valid score, you can still apply as a deferred candidate and submit the scores later.
      • Freshers and candidates with work experience can apply.
    • Does SPJIMR provide scholarships and financial assistance?

      The partner schools provide scholarships for students who apply through the Global Management Programme.

      In addition, GMP facilitates collateral-free loans in partnership with various banks. The shortlisted aspirants are informed about the exact details during enrolment.

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    Why Is The Youth Seeking Career Opportunities Overseas

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