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Mental Wellbeing @SPJIMR! 

SPJIMR Counselling Cell

The current situation around the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of having good mental and emotional health along with physical health. If you feel the need to talk to someone about mental wellbeing, reach out to SPJIMR's Counselling Cell, which provides a variety of services that include crisis intervention, personal counselling, psychotherapy, group counselling, and resource and referral assistance to off-campus agencies, through our established network of psychologists and psychiatrists across the city.

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SPJIMR Vishwas

Vishwas, launched in 2015, is an initiative dedicated to the mental well-being of the participants of SPJIMR, centred around the idea of trust. We aim to create a space wherein individuals feel ‘psychologically safe', and can have proactive conversations around hope, resilience, and optimism. Nurturing psychological safety in organizations can lead to enhanced engagement, drive, and performance, and could, in turn, prove to be the cornerstone for innovation in the corporate world. The initiative aims to inculcate the importance of empathy and listening in interpersonal relationships.

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Morning Madness! 


Off goes the alarm, as I wipe the sleep off my eyes, cursing my decision to binge-watch Friends last night. I quickly pack my laptop into my backpack, but the heaviest loads I carry are the bags under my eyes. Breakfast is a luxury I cannot afford as I rush to the morning lecture, hoping that the professor does not notice my late entry. The ‘sattar’ minutes of the lecture seem like ages as my stomach growls for food, and my eyes long for sleep. Still, I keep myself up by furiously scribbling every word in my notebook, suspecting fully that I may never read those words again.






Food and Friendship 

As the morning ends, my mind immediately begins to contemplate whether its next pitstop is going to be Spice ‘n’ Spoon or Bistro. The last few minutes of the lecture are spent in choosing where to eat - a process of elimination rather than selection. After much debating on WhatsApp groups, convenience defeats luxury once again as we head to Bistro, our very own in-house delicatessen. It's time to catch up with friends from other sections, and share the latest gossip across divisions. But not for long, as our cell phones collectively ping for a surprise quiz. We sigh in unison, and accept our fate as it comes to us in the form of a quiz (what are the odds?!).






All Work, More Play

"What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare"

We internalize W H Davies' words as we walk back to the hostel, often forgetting to even look at the scenic beauty around us. The air is filled with the tip-tap of the ping-pong ball and with the whooshes of the badminton shuttle, as the sports buffs amongst us choose to showcase their talents. Evenings are the time where we make up for those lost opportunities, as we walk by the lake, chill at Shillu’s cafe, or just choose to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Whatever our mode of recreation, we all have one aim - to recharge ourselves for the long night ahead.






The city never sleeps .. why should we? 

The day might have ended, but our spirits stay alive as we party all night (sometimes with Kindles in hand). From assignments to addas, from charchas to competitions, from jamming sessions to birthday celebrations - nights are the time that the entire campus is truly alive. When the clock strikes 2, we rush to Shillu's to grab that last bowl of Maggi that will fuel our latest submission. As the moon turns into the sun, we retire to our rooms to watch that latest episode that has been on our minds all day. After all, sleep is for the weak!

When the world sleeps, Spartans gear up for battle.

Remember this day Spartans, for it will be yours for all time.






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