Jul 10, 2023

I Saw My Chance, And I Took It.

Aayush Shah   PGDM 2023

School friends hold a special place in our hearts, for they were there during our formative years. These friends understand us like no other, celebrating our triumphs and supporting us through challenges. When my tribe, who I hung out with every single day, went overseas to pursue their degrees and dreams, I felt something that all millennials and GenZ would relate to – FOMO! Although I had no desire to settle overseas, I did like, and want the exposure that came with living independently, roughing it out in a foreign country, with people of another culture.

I went on to pursue my graduation from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai and became a Chartered Accountant. Corporate life has its own benefits, but it got monotonous and I missed my student life, terribly. I had 2.5 years of work experience when I finally decided to study again.

My parents knew the perks of pursuing an MBA so they wanted me to do the same. I too was aligned, however, I thought pursuing a PGDM would make more sense in today’s context due to its industry-relevant curriculum. I got through a few good B-schools which were “top-ranked in India”. But SPJIMR stood out. 1. It was a top-tier B-school, 2. It was located in Mumbai – I live in Mumbai and I didn’t have to go through the hassle of relocating and setting up another home in another city, 3. THE ACTUAL deciding factor – SPJIMR was, and still is well known for providing its students with exposure (in every sense of the word) as an essential part of its curriculum.

I saw my chance, and I took it.

International exchange (IntEx) offered by SPJIMR enables international participation and student exchanges to facilitate cross-cultural perspectives, enrich the peer-learning experience, and build a powerful global peer network. This enables students like myself to understand global economies and emerging industry trends in an immersive global setting.

I participated in the International Exchange Programme at KLU in Hamburg, Germany and the entire experience has exceeded my initial expectations. Immersing myself in a new continent, university, culture, and cuisine presented challenges, but the welcoming college, friends, and classmates made it an incredibly enriching experience. I formed a close bond with Björn Miketta, a German student who came to SPJIMR for his exchange programme.

Learning and communicating in German proved to be an ongoing and delightful challenge. Moreover, the Intex programme allowed me to explore other European countries and indulge in their local desserts and cuisine.

SPJIMR for offering a curriculum wherein the students get to experience diverse cultures

I am extremely grateful to SPJIMR for offering a curriculum wherein the students get to experience diverse cultures without settling in that country, a curriculum that gives weightage to a student’s personal, and mental development just as much as the bookish knowledge and marks.

The Intex programme provided me with an opportunity to connect with people from different nationalities, gain insights into diverse cultures and beliefs, and expand my perspective. It is a truly a refreshing and hence holistic take on education.

I am not only grateful for this opportunity and will cherish the memories forever, but I will also go out of my way to recommend this programme and B-school to aspirants who are looking for mind-expanding, personal and professional development. SPJIMR has numerous programmes to offer, pick the one you resonate with the most, and I promise you, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

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