Dec 15, 2023

Be the change maker in the dynamic business environment by upskilling over the weekends


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  • Current scenario
  • Would pursuing an EMBA help?
  • Why choose the PGPGM programme by the top B-school In Mumbai?
  • FAQs

Technological advancements, complex situations, and ever-evolving business scenarios are here to stay. Working professionals often find themselves wanting and struggling to adjust to the demands of situations. On the other hand, there are professionals that are facing the “Peters principle”. They continue to be promoted until, finally, they are in positions for which they are not prepared or suited.

While the capability to tackle the next set of challenges is already present in some, it needs to be nurtured through cohort-based formal learning. The dilemma that these professionals face is whether to give up their jobs and immerse themselves in formal education, or then look at a model that allows them to upskill without taking a break.

Weekend management programmes are a great way to overcome this. They offer the professional the chance to develop knowledge and skills and supplement their career. Some of the benefits that accrue with such programmes are –

  • Developing Leadership and management skills
  • Nurturing critical thinking and  problem-solving abilities
  • Fostering innovative thinking
  • Development of soft skills
  • Opportunity to network

Let’s understand in-depth

How pursuing an Executive MBA programme would help in upskilling?

Here are some of the benefits of pursuing a weekend MBA

Diversify your business skills

As you step into the corporate world and progress with your career, you gain experience. However, only your experience will not suffice if you want to ensure faster growth. If you cannot take a career break, the most viable solution left is to pursue an Executive MBA (EMBA) designed for working professionals and held over the weekends. The programme is designed to shape your analytical and strategic thinking. Through this programme, you can enhance and diversify your business management prowess and will know how to apply that knowledge to your current and future job roles.

Amplified networking

To stay successful in the corporate world, building and maintaining professional relationships is crucial. While you get associated with SPJIMR during your entire learning period, you also get a chance to build and expand your network via peers, alumni and other stakeholders with whom you connect and interact. 

SPJIMR has a group of highly established alumni spread worldwide. Through various seminars and events, you get a chance to meet and interact with those professionals. You can learn how they have managed certain problems in their fields and led their business to the path of success. 

Growth driver

The EMBA will not only expand your knowledge but also help you in personal and professional development. Sometimes work experience is not the only thing a recruiter looks for in a candidate. Pursuing a course along with maintaining your job shows that you are dedicated and sincere, and looking forward to enhancing your management skills to adapt to the dynamic business environment. 

There has been a growing need for analytical and conceptual developments in business studies in this expanding market. However, it might not be feasible for everyone to pursue an extensive 2-3 years degree course for the necessary upskilling. So, you can now pursue courses such as a PGPGM by SPJIMR, the top B-school in Mumbai.

Why choose the PGPGM Programme offered by SPJIMR?

S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research – a prestigious and prominent name when it comes to postgraduate studies. Since 1981, the institution has been one of the best for its PGPGM programme in Mumbai. It is accredited by major global and national agencies such as The Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK (AAMBA), AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), the institution has been maintaining and adding to its records for about 40 years now, consistently.

The Business Today Best B-School 2023 rankings, place it in the 5th position amongst the overall top B-schools in India. The institute secures the 1st place among the top private B-schools in the country.

Defining excellence in making future-ready business leaders has been their specialty since they have been operational.

Highlights of the programme

Accreditation – It has the prestigious AICTE approval and AMBA international accreditation.

Flexibility – By combining specialised education, application of practical skills, and networking, this AICTE-approved PGPGM programme at SPJIMR  has been designed for working professionals to empower and enhance their careers FLEXIBLY i.e. without sacrificing their work-life equilibrium.

Emphasis on Leadership Development – The programme places significant importance on cultivating leadership qualities, an essential component of triumph in the corporate realm. SPJIMR’s approach to leadership development centers on the fundamental principles of self-awareness, empathy, and collaboration.

Industry Connect – The programme collaborates closely with prominent organisations and industry experts, fostering a range of strategic initiatives. These encompass the establishment of an industry advisory council, the pursuit of impactful capstone projects, and mentorship programmes, and the facilitation of thought-provoking lectures on leadership in the corporate world. This symbiotic relationship between our programme and the industry forms a vital part of our commitment to providing a transformative and enriching educational experience, where knowledge and practice merge seamlessly.

Innovative Pedagogy –

  • Experiential learning in PGPGM
    SPJIMR’s PGPGM offers a holistic grasp of business management principles through a dynamic pedagogical approach. This programme places a strong emphasis on practical, experiential learning. It’s delivered through a blend of classroom lectures, case studies, simulations, and industry visits.
  • Learning through Real-World challenges
    The curriculum follows the "learning by doing" philosophy. Participants engage in solving real-world business problems and projects, bridging the gap between theory and practice. This approach sharpens their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
  • Global exposure and customisation
    The programme features international immersion modules, enabling participants to study abroad and explore diverse business cultures. These modules encompass company visits and interactions with local business leaders. Furthermore, a variety of electives are offered, allowing participants to tailor their learning journey to match their interests and career aspirations.
  • Culminating capstone project
    A capstone project marks the pinnacle of this learning experience. Participants apply their knowledge and skills to tackle genuine business challenges, reinforcing their ability to drive practical solutions.

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    Student testimonials

    The programme provides a flexible approach to acquiring formal management education while maintaining a professional career. With its tailored, application-focused curriculum, the programme enhances participants’ professional growth, empowering them to influence their organisations and extend their impact. Hear from our participants as they discuss their PGPGM journeys.

    • Bodhisattwa Dasgupta
      Bodhisattwa Dasgupta, CTO and Head of Proposals, JWIL INFRA Limited


    • What are the options for electives at SPJIMR in PGPGM?

      You can choose 3 electives from the 7 options available at SPJIMR in PGPGM. These are – Blockchain for Business Applications, Strategic Brand Management, Sales and distribution Management, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Strategic Cost Management, and International Finance.

    • What is the duration of a PGPGM programme?

      The duration of the PGPGM programme by SPJIMR is 24 months.

    • Where will the sessions be conducted?

      Alternate weekend sessions are held at the Mumbai and Delhi Campuses. For participants in and around NCR, sessions are held at Delhi Campus, and for participants around Maharashtra, sessions are held at the Mumbai campus.

    • How do I get selected for PGPGM at SPJIMR?

      The selection process includes multiple layers of assessment, including an entrance exam, profile evaluation, and personal interview. After all these evaluations, SPJIMR publishes the merit list.

    • What is the value of the PGPGM programme?

      SPJIMR’s PGPGM holds the prestigious AICTE approval and AMBA international accreditation. It is designed for working professionals and mid-level managers aspiring to advance in their careers and take on leadership roles. Its strong focus on practical learning and contextual customisation has yielded significant benefits for both participants and their organisations. With nearly two decades of experience in conducting executive programmes, SPJIMR has empowered its participants to drive change and influence management practices. Recognised by industry leaders and featuring customised content, effective learning experiences, and a successful alumni network, the programme offers a distinct advantage in a competitive professional landscape.

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