Frequently asked questions

  • What is PGMPW?

    PGMPW is a general management programme crafted exclusively for women, who have taken a career break and now seek to return to the professional career.

  • What does 'returning' mean for PGMPW?

    By ‘returning’ we mean, women who wish to return to a professional career after a career break.

  • What do you mean by full time w.r.t PGMPW?

    This is a rigorous programme and the sessions will be scheduled from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 am to 6:00 pm and at times on Sundays, if required.

  • Is it a residential programme?

    The programme does not require overnight stay on campus. However, you can opt for hostel facility, at the campus, at an additional cost.

  • What is the venue for the programme?

    The programme classes are conducted at the SPJIMR’s Andheri campus in Mumbai.

  • Is the programme more suitable for certain sectors/ industries?

    As a general management programme, PGMPW is suitable across all sectors / industries.

  • I have already done my MBA earlier, how different would this programme be?

    PGMPW up skills the knowledge and skills of participants with the recent industry trends and practices and you will get the opportunity to learn current courses like Critical Thinking, AI & Machine learning in Business and Design Thinking. You will also have an immersive experiential learning with Leadership Lab, Social Immersion and course in Negotiations.

  • What is the Diploma/Certificate awarded at the time of Graduation?

    On successful completion of the programme, the participant will be awarded the certificate “Post Graduate Management Programme (PGMPW)”.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the programme?

    To check the eligibility criteria, click here

  • Is there an age limit?

    There is no age limit for application.

  • If working, am I eligible for this programme?

    A minimum 1 year break is an essential eligibility criterion to join this programme. Only candidates who are currently on break are eligible to apply.

  • What’s the qualifying cut off score of an entrance exam for admission to PGMPW?

    We recommend 60% and above scores in the respective exams. We would like to mention that the entrance exams scores are an indication of your preparedness to pursue the PGMPW programme and basic understanding of concepts needed in a management programme of this rigour.

  • Do you have an offline or paper based application form?

    Applications to the PGMPW programme can be made online. To start your application, click here

  • What is the complete admission procedure?

    On completion of the online application form, you will be scheduled for a group and personal interview.

  • What documents need to accompany the application form?

    All relevant documents (academic, work experience and photo id proof) are to be scanned and uploaded while filling up the application form. The documents will be verified before the interview.

  • Whom should I contact to know about the status of the application?

    You can route all your admission related queries to or you can call us on +91 9819811550, 8454038586

  • What is the schedule for interviews?

    Schedule for the group and personal interview will be communicated to the shortlisted applicants via email and the interviews will be conducted online on a rolling basis.

  • Will the interviews be conducted on SPJIMR Mumbai campus or on an online platform?

    The interviews will be conducted online via zoom platform.

  • What is the financial investment for the programme? Is Bank loan available?

    To check the fees and loan related information, click here

    In case any programme related documents are required from SPJIMR to support your loan application, you can write to

  • Will books and other study material be provided?

    Study material and books will be provided and are included in the course fee.

  • What is the duration of the internship?

    The duration of the internship will be 5 weeks.

  • What do you mean by concentration?

    The concentration is a deeper understanding of the area you have worked in. You can select amongst the options mentioned in the application form.

  • When do I have to decide my field of concentration? Can I change it during the programme?

    You can select the concentration that will help you leverage on your past work experience. If required, the admissions team can guide you. Making subsequent changes in the chosen field is not encouraged.

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