PGPM provides its participants with a strong foundation in management fundamentals in the first phase, followed by a deep dive into their chosen area of specialisation in the second phase. Participants are offered specialisation in areas of Business Analytics, Finance, General Management, Information Management, Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain. The curriculum design also incorporates experiential learning with specially curated immersive experiences, including Personal Growth Lab (PGLab), Design and Innovation (D&I), Science of Spirituality (SOS) and International Immersion.

Programme structure

  • Semester 1

    The first semester helps participants develop a strong foundation in core management fundamentals. The module focuses on core subjects that are common for all students.

    Semester I comprises three phases.

    • Foundation I
    • Foundation II
    • Foundation III

    These phases cover foundation, functional and general management courses, respectively. The courses covered are Foundation and General Management courses like Quantitative Methods, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Strategy, Organisational Behaviour and HR and Functional Courses like Marketing Management, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, and Digital Technology in Business.

  • Semester 2

    Semester – II comprises the following phases and credits:

    • Specialisation Core Courses (from one’s area of specialisation) – Mandatory courses in the respective functional area of specialisation: Business Analytics, Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management and General management track
    • Elective Phase I – Participants would get to choose from several functional, cross-functional courses. participants are free to choose courses offered from other areas as well.
    • Elective Phase II : Participants would get to choose from several general management and integrative courses.
  • Immersions

    The immersion module happens after the completion of the second semester. The immersion phase comprises the following modules:

    • International Immersion: Advanced general management courses are offered to participants at international partner schools in a three-week period. Participants learn the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences across cultures. Know more.
    • Industry Immersion: Participants work on an immersive industry project over a seven-week period. The objective of the industry immersion project is to help the participants apply theoretical frameworks to real-life business situations. Participants are mentored by an industry guide and a faculty mentor from SPJIMR.

    The participants can choose to do the project in the organisation where they are placed or do an industry project as guided by the faculty mentor.

    Participants can also choose a research project in their area of interest in conjunction with their faculty mentor at SPJIMR.


PGPM offers specialisation in areas of Business Analytics, Finance, General Management, Information Management, Marketing, and Operations & Supply Chain. Participants are expected to complete at least eight credits from a particular area of specialisation to get a major in that area.

This includes the five compulsory courses offered in Phase I and three elective courses that could be taken in Phase II/III. For example, an IM participant will earn five credits toward the five core courses offered by the IM area in Phase I. In addition, the participant will have to subscribe to three more courses (offered in Phase II and Phase III in the IM area) to get a major in IM.

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