Alumni Entrepreneurs

Mr Naman Jain

Mr Naman Jain, SYB batch 01

Co-Founder, XSN Nutraeuticals PVT. LTD

Mr Rajendra Johri

Mr Rajendra Johri, SYB batch 01

C.M.D, Amn Aviation & Aerospace Solutions PVT LTD

Mr Samir Pasad

Mr Samir Pasad, SYB batch 02

Co-Founder and CTO (Chief Tasting Officer), Vegan Bites & nomou Plant Based Gelato

Ms Aditi Surana

Ms Aditi Surana, SYB batch 04

Founder, APT - India's only mental fitness gym

Mr Jigar Shah

Mr Jigar Shah, SYB batch 04

Co-founder, 82°E, Director - Head of Investments, Ka Enterprises

Dr Devashish Saini

Dr Devashish Saini, SYB batch 05

Founder and Family Physician, Ross Clinics

Mr Asif Upadhye

Mr Asif Upadhye, SYB batch 07

Director, Never Grow Up

Mr Kuldeep Shiwankar

Mr Kuldeep Shiwankar, SYB batch 07

Managing Director, Baron Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd

Mr Sandeep Hariani

Mr Sandeep Hariani, SYB batch 07

Founder & CEO, Vzone Academy

Mr Hardik Vaghela

Mr Hardik Vaghela, SYB batch 08

Co-Founder, Muziclub

Ms Sumana Sethuraman

Ms Sumana Sethuraman, SYB batch 08

Growth Coach & Expressive Movement Therapist. Certified Life Coach

Ms Neha Mehta

Ms Neha Mehta, SYB batch 11

Founder, Cakes N Chemistry

Mr Chaitanya Kolhatkar

Mr Chaitanya Kolhatkar, SYB batch 12

Founder, The Parking Scout

Ms Niharika Jain

Ms Niharika Jain, SYB batch 12

Director, Chemvera Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Vishnu Venugopal

Mr Vishnu Venugopal, SYB batch 13

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Alpha Coach

Ms Sreesha John

Ms Sreesha John, SYB batch 25

Proprietor, Candelight

Mr Shivansh Kalra

Mr Shivansh Kalra, SYB batch 26

Founder, Groomd - Men's Grooming

Mr Rahul Kumar

Mr Rahul Kumar, SYB batch 28

Founder, Piombo Servtec Private Limited

Mr Aishwarya Tandon

Mr Aishwarya Tandon, SYB batch 32

Founder, Steel Dalal


“Start Your Business Programme is Realistic, practical, has expert faculty, brimming with information for newbies like me”
Akshita Patel, SYB batch 33

“Start Your Business Programme has been Enlightening, life-pivoting, empowering, invaluable and brilliant for me.”
Balaji V, SYB batch 33

“Have gained immense knowledge from this course, and got clarity in my thoughts and ideas regarding my startup business. The faculty was very informed and enjoyed the sessions. Overall great experience.”
Sakshi Dubey, SYB batch 23

“The course has helped me develop the attitude required to be an entrepreneur. It has also opened up my mind to infinite opportunities.”
Pooja Sankpal, SYB batch 23

“Conceptual clarity about different aspects of entrepreneurship.”
Nikhil Joshi, SYB batch 23

“I am more confident today with my idea and I am implementing it. The lean start-up and valuation lectures helped me understand trial and error.”
Yashita Tawde, SYB batch 22

“Concepts became clear. Got the confidence to approach ideas from customers’ point of view. Also made us comfortable with finance and valuation which are important.”
Chetna Mishra, SYB batch 22

“It has been a very inspiring & motivating course which provided extremely outstanding faculty support and has helped me convert my ideas into starting a business.”
Rachana Dalmia, SYB batch 21

“Through this programme, I got a lot of opportunities for networking with highly qualified professionals and also like-minded entrepreneurs. A lot of insights given on business have enlightened me on various topics I didn’t even know were required to run a successful business. It has been a great experience and I will definitely take all the knowledge and put it to practical use.”
Mili Mody, SYB batch 21

“Great Programme! Well designed. Helped me clear all my doubts about Funding, Finance & Branding.”
Khushbu Dedhia, SYB batch 21

“SYB has helped me immensely in understanding the entrepreneurial world and I was able to align time & money appropriately.”
Sangeeta Sawant, SYB batch 20

“It helped me streamline my thoughts and get exposure to all the important aspects of business. It also helped to clarify the concepts and understand the difference between an idea and an opportunity. I do not think that was so evident to me before joining the programme. At the end of the course, my heart is filled with gratitude and best wishes for you.”
Nikhil Wagle, SYB batch 14

“It has helped me in renewing my approach to the target audience (customers).”
Viral Patel, SYB batch 13

“The SYB programme has helped me to get to know how to take up entrepreneurship. Also the mentoring and the support I received from the system helped me to go ahead.”
Girija Pillai, SYB batch 13

“The curriculum of SYB, which includes everything, right from developing an entrepreneurial mindset to presenting the business plan in front of the investors, is what excited me to join the programme.”
Niharika Jain, SYB batch 12

“The SYB programme has been a great resource for kick-starting my start-up. It not only helped to start it up but also the experienced faculty made us aware of the challenges faced after starting; that has turned out to be the key to starting and also managing the venture in a much better way.”
Karan Jagani, SYB batch 10

“SYB helped me understand various aspects of business like branding, marketing and finance, and helped me connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.”
Bhanu Prasad, SYB batch 08

“This course cleared my mind that yes, I am an Entrepreneur, and helped me to learn a lot of things to start my business. The faculty and the visiting faculty are fantastic and you get a perfect chance of networking.”
Deepak Kagliwal, SYB batch 05

“I would really like to thank you for organising a programme like SYB; connecting people with similar mindsets. Two of my colleagues from SYB04 have joined me as business partners.”
Arvind Kumar, SYB batch 04

“The idea behind joining SYB was to get the right mentor and learn many things not experienced in day-to-day life.”
Kishore Patil, SYB batch 03

“When I joined SYB I had 3 ideas. This course gave me the clarity to choose 1 out of them with a lot of learning and brainstorming with like-minded people. I highly recommend this programme.”
Sanjay Batra, SYB batch 2

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