The programme pedagogy offers scope for rich experiential learning through case studies, lectures and discussions, audio-visual aids, presentations, group learning from fellow participants, and interaction with the entrepreneurial network of investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors. The programme is conducted by experienced in-house and visiting faculty of SPJIMR and experts from the industry.

The interactions during the sessions would include discussion on real-life situations faced by small enterprises in functional areas of management. We encourage participants to share their experiences, which in turn enables them to solve their problems with the support of the faculty. The participants are requested to carry relevant data and information to make such interactions meaningful.


Programme modules

  • Weekend I

    The Idea & Opportunity Development

  • Weekend II

    Evidence Based Entreprenuership

  • Weekend III

    • Finding the Customer, Acquiring & Retaining Them
  • Weekend IV

    • The Business Model: Understanding the Constraints and Coming up with the Shared Language for Describing, Visualizing, Assessing and Changing Business Models
    • BMC presentation
  • Weekend V

    • The Technology: Leveraging New Technology for Your Startup
    • The Offering: Designing the Minimum Viable Products or Service Offerings to Test Customer Acceptance
  • Weekend VI

    • The Financials: Managing Costs & Planning for Revenues, Understanding Breakeven & the Importance of Cash Flows
  • Weekend VII

    • The Team: Leadership and team building for startups
    • Storytelling: Communicating the value created to engage co-founders, employees, customers and investors
  • Weekend VIII

    • The Strategy: Developing Strategies for the startup
    • The Schemes: Seeking resources
  • Weekend IX

    • The Decision: Scale or Sell off: Understanding funding and valuation
  • Weekend XIII

    • The Presentation

Beyond SYB

SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship has launched ‘vRddhi’- a unique venture accelerator platform.

The accelerator is based on the insight that while many family businesses (especially small and medium family enterprises) and startups lack funding as well as managerial inputs and insights, there are others that can step in to provide not just financial capital but also network capital, engagement capital and the Emotional Quotient capital required by the former.

Indeed, in 2021, the World Bank estimated the credit gap for Indian MSMEs – mostly family businesses – at US$ 380 billion, a need that cannot be met by financial institutions alone.

vRddhi is an idea born out of this insight and seeks to connect family businesses that are fund seekers with those that are fund providers. It will work as a funding accelerator exclusively available to SPJIMR’s alumni and participants belonging to the CFBE.

In doing so, it seeks to strengthen the family business ecosystem, which is the backbone of the Indian economy, contributing to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment, exports, and foreign exchange for India, Family Businesses are also the crucible of innovation in the business landscape of India. Through vRddhi, SPJIMR’s CFBE will offer a curated platform to help such family businesses and startups achieve their dreams of growing their businesses beyond traditional boundaries.

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