Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Faculty Name with co authors Topic / Title Publishers / Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Shabana Chandrasekaran, ShabbirHusain R.V., Balamurugan Annamalai Social media and Tourism: a cross-platform study of Indian DMOs Current Issues in Tourism November 19, 2022 Link
Fauzia Jabeen, Amandeep Dhir, Nazrul Islam, Shalini Talwar, & Armando Papa Emotions and food waste behavior: Do habit and facilitating conditions matter? Journal of Business Research November 01, 2022 Link
Sapna Popli, Sumanjit Das, Ashita Aggarwal & Antara Chakraborty A customer experience lens for higher education in India using journey mapping and experience quality Studies in Higher Education November 14, 2022 Link
Dr. Ruppal Walia Sharma and Dr. Renuka Kamath MTR Foods—Redesigning Brand Identity and Brand Architecture Asian Journal of Management Cases October 30, 2022
Nilendra S. Pawar, Subir S. Rao, Gajendra K. Adil A New Measure for Scattering of Stocks in E-commerce Warehouses IFAC-PapersOnLine October 26, 2022 Link
Prof. Subir Rao and Prof. Sheila Roy A Robust Design Integration in Non-Traditional Unit Load Warehouses IFAC-PapersOnLine October 26, 2022 Link
John W.Goodell, Shaen Corbet, Miklesh Prasad Yadav, Satish Kumar, Sudhi Sharma, Kunjana Malik Time and frequency connectedness of green equity indices: Uncovering a socially important link to Bitcoin International Review of Financial Analysis October 10, 2022 Link
Dr. Sunny Vijay Arora, Dr. Arti D Kalro, Dr. Dinesh Sharma Positioning products through names: effect of sound symbolism on perception of products with blended brand names Journal of Product & Brand Management October 19, 2022 Link
Prof. Vineeta Dwivedi, Prof. Malay Krishna, and Prof. Sunny Vijay Arora Morning Star BrandCom: combating Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies October 17, 2022
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar and Dr. Sunny Vijay Arora Sirona Hygiene Private Ltd.: raising a cup to menstrual freedom Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies October 12, 2022
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