Launch of Business Analytics specialization at PGPM, SPJIMR

July 1, 2021

Business analytics is a fast-growing area in todays business world. There is a critical need of trained business professionals with strong analytics skills in domains like consulting, services, retail and manufacturing. The Business Analytics specialization at PGPM aims to equip tomorrows managers with strong skills in analytics for decision making, which will enable them to shape the managerial practice in the coming years.

How is Business Analytics specialization different from analytics taught in other specializations

The other specializations at SPJIMR i.e. Finance, Information Management, Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain also offer subjects in the field of analytics. However, the focus of these subjects is to train a functional manager to understand the basics of analytics and how it is applied in solving business problems. The core focus of these four specializations is to build functional skills.

A student in Business Analytics will study basic function courses (3 credits) in his/her chosen functional area. The focus of specialization here would be to build deep, hands-on skills in analytics, including the ability to manage large data sets and writing code. These skills will help the students in pursuing careers in analytics or business consulting domains.

Academic structure

All PGPM students, including those in Business Analytics specialization, study core general management courses in the first semester. In the second semester, each student pursues courses in the chosen functional area of specialization. Each student in Business Analytics specialization will be required to take:

  1. A module of three full Credit courses in ANY ONE of the following four areas: Finance, Information Management, Marketing and Operations & Supply chain. These modules shall be offered based on the previous experience of the respective students.
  2. Eleven Full credit courses in the area of Business Analytics: These courses will cover a wide range of topics. An indicative list includes basic programming, data visualization, predictive analytics, stochastic modelling, text analytics, machine learning and application of analytics in solving business problems.
    • Eight of these courses will be done at SPJIMR
    • Three of these courses will be covered at our partner business school in the US

Is the Business Analytics specialization appropriate for you

Besides the basic analytical and logical thinking abilities, pursuing Business Analytics specialization requires the following additional skills:

  1. Comfort in working with and organizing large sets of data
  2. Ability to use data for making inferences and discovering underlying patterns
  3. Strong numerical aptitude, comfortable with studying statistics and decision science
  4. A high degree of comfort with programming (based on professional experience)

It is important that the students choose Business Analytics specialization carefully, to make the most out of their PGPM experience.

How to apply for Business Analytics Specialization

You can select the Business Analytics specialization from the drop-down options available in the form. The form has a section for stating the reason for interest in the chosen specialization. Use that section to state how Business Analytics specialization fits into your career trajectory and how your past work experience equips you well for undertaking this specialization.

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