Executive Certificate Programme in Design Thinking and Innovation for Business

Programme Overview

The increasing turbulence, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the business environment today calls for a need to address problem solving methods, not just by using strategic thinking or by use of analytical capability, but also by adding a number of creative and innovative methods. DT essentially focuses on a ‘human centered’ approach to problem solving.

Program Curriculum

Understanding Design Thinking and its Applications

  • What is DT?
  • Why is DT important in a VUCA world?
  • DT as a process- 3is
  • DFV Framework

Situating the DT Problem- Context and User Focused Research

  • Understanding the broader context
  • Using DT tools and frameworks for observation
  • Recognizing biases
  • Identifying stakeholders and users

Generating & Mapping Insights

  • Gaining immersive user insights
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • The art and science of in-depth interviews
  • Developing Empathy Maps to capture and distil insights
  • Generating POV to work towards opportunity identification

Developing and Refining Problem Frames

  • Defining the Problem Frame
  • Reframing problems for exploring new strategic directions
  • Adopting the stakeholder value lens

Ideation Techniques for Creative Problem Solving

  • Unblocking the mind
  • Brainstorming for idea generation
  • Divergent ideation techniques
  • Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)

Concept Development & Rapid Prototyping

  • Idea clustering and evaluations
  • Creative Matrix and ID Matrix
  • Selecting high impact solution ideas
  • Rapid Prototyping for development of product/ process/ service:
    • Designing quick prototypes to enable user conversations and feedback
    • Using repeated trials and early failures to ensure a better match with user needs
    • Strengthening the prototyped solution through successive iterations

Developing Innovative Solutions- DT Application

  • Design Challenge- Application of DT concepts to real-world challenges
  • User-centric solutions

Course Learning Outcomes

This programme will enable participants to

  • Apply a systematic approach to solve complex ambiguous problems in an innovative way
  • Enhance skills of observation and insighting
  • Learn to frame/ reframe the problem to identify opportunity areas
  • Overcome mental barriers, apply ideation techniques to generate creative solutions
  • Generate and evaluate alternate strategic approaches /new value propositions and use rapid prototyping to refine solutions
  • Cultivate a ‘design thinking mindset’

Who should attend

Executives in strategic roles in business, educational or social organizations. These include -

  • CXOs
  • Strategic business Unit Heads/Consultants
  • Heads of strategic initiatives/ innovation teams
  • Sr Managers in Marketing/ Sales/ Customer Service/ Product Development/Operations/ Supply Chain/HR

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